12 Signs that You May Be a Social Media Addict

Cute Dog PicThere are many social media addicts in this world.  You see it every day on Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon.  Even Propeller, Mixx, and Newsvine have their share.  What you may or may not know is whether or not you are one of them.

It’s often tough to recognize.  Perhaps the joy of seeing your first story on the front page of the site was enough to set you off.  Maybe it’s a desire to promote your point of view, a political candidate, even your own blog or business.  For some, it’s something that passes the time (until too much time has passed).  Read these signs below and seek immediate help if 3 or more apply to you.

  1. When you hear breaking news on the radio, you immediately pull over and whip out your laptop or cell phone to see if it has been submitted.  Sometimes, you whip out your laptop or cell phone without pulling over.
  2. This sentence makes sense to you: “I almost FPd a Jobs fanboy submit, but the brigade buried it off upcoming.”
  3. One or two nights a week are spent listening to The Drill Down and the Social Blend at The Mixxing Bowl.
  4. Your GTalk is loaded with people you’ve never met, never actually spoken to, and whose name may or may not be real, but somehow you feel a close kinship with them.
  5. Any time you play cards, a spade makes you think of a guy named Muhammad.
  6. You had plants, as far as you can recall, but there are now just baskets of dirt with dead brown leaves in them.  You vaguely remember having a dog as well.  Also, there’s a strange smell in your apartment.
  7. Some (or all) of the following groups of apparently random letters and numbers means something to you: QGYH2sbutkicGt2099dexlovex27hlmoojj.
  8. Regardless of what kind of computer you have, you claim to have a Mac.  If you are bold enough to admit that you own a PC, you at least run Firefox as your browser.
  9. Story, video, and image quality are important to you, but not as important as the headline.
  10. The Presidential race may or may not be important to you, but either way, your main reason for wishing the primaries were over is to stop reading headlines about Ron Paul.
  11. Within 0.03 seconds, you can look at a cute picture of an animal and know whether or not it was photoshopped.
  12. Your feed list is longer than your grocery list

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  1. SilentJay74

    Love it dude!

  2. dotlizard

    well, i knew i was a little bit obsessive about social media, but it’s a little frightening how spot on this list describes me 🙂

  3. Very funny..but this addiction is no laughing matter. I happen to be addicted and don’t know how to stop!

  4. ed

    funny article

  5. Very funny. I like the first sign. I don’t know how many times I’m listening to NPR and hear a comment made by some media wonk. All I can think about is getting home so that I can blog or post about it.

  6. leeroy

    wow.. this shit is sad… people are actually like this? and people actually think they’ll be ostricized from a social group because they dont own a mac??? wow…. just wow…

    if i owned a mac i’d probably think about setting it on fire every time i’d look at it.

    infact, i do think about setting macs on fire every time i see one.

  7. You have > 0 friends linked on your dig profile.
    You look in the upcoming section because you read all the front page articles two hours ago.
    You want Kevin Rose’s babies.

  8. JonSmith

    Ron Paul.

  9. TI3GIB

    Love the firefox comment.

    Dugg up.

  10. Remember to vote for Ron Paul you hippies:


  11. Your browser’s home page is set to: http://popurls.com/

  12. Amy

    So funny!!!
    I guess my addiction is worst than I thought.
    At least I use 8hands to manage my social addiction, so I got it under control.

  13. There is help for SocNet addicts at INVITATIONS, the premiere Social Networking Recovery Facility. Check your Crackberry at the door and get a bed there now! http://www.socialnetworkingrehab.com.

  14. Jared Lorz

    Hmm an interesting point but I’m not sure if I agree with you.

    Jared Lorz

  15. Ok, I confess I’m addicted 🙂

  16. I’m currently in a 12 step to cure my social media addiction. Step 1 – admitting to yourself that you’ll never hit front page of Digg… again.

    But then I submit a story and it all goes to hell.

  17. Ya, you can say i am a social media addicts.

  18. Amilea


  19. Yes you are right to some degree, but I think this is not just a problem of addiction to social networks.

    I think this is an addiction to the media as a whole.

  20. Lol.. the pic is funny.
    My browsers home page is set to online social bookmarking