Which Videos You Have Watched

I know some people who happen to love YouTube and swear by watching its curated videos by users rather than television any day and although I cannot say that I am that dedicated, I do enjoy watching videos on YouTube from time to time, especially if it is a series of families or entertaining regular non-celebrity people, but sometimes I lose my spot to where I left off, YouTube has a solution for that problem.

If you like watching videos but often forget which video you watched last and have to sometimes spend time rewatching videos until your memory kicks in it can become a time suck and does not make watching YouTube videos all that fun for those who are not as dedicated of course. It can also be unfriendly to those who like to use the custom YouTube feature and perhaps use the same themed logo or static image, this in itself can cause confusion to your viewers although your efforts are to try and be unique.

YouTube has fixed the issue of you having to keep track or waste time in trying to remain on-top of what the last video it was that you viewed on YouTube. Now, they have added a “Watched” tab on top or beside the videos you have watched. This of course sounds like a small change and perhaps it is, but to those who love certain YouTube personas or want to take advantage of the customized thumbnail can do so without missing an episode or losing viewers. Small steps like this is what helps keep a social site like YouTube alive and well by always catering to its users and viewers so the site does not lose its value but instead increases it by continuously making its site user friendly.



[YouTube Television via DigitalTrends & YouTube screenshot of Gone to the Dogs YouTube channel]]

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  1. Hi Erin, thanks for point out this small feature from youtube.

  2. It’s awesome in favor of me to have a site, which is valuable in support of my knowledge. thanks admin

  3. Tuomo Kämäräinen

    Doesn’t seem to work anymore when viewing the video list of a user. It only “remembers” last 20-50 videos you’ve watched. I believe the best (but hard) way is to click “thumbs up” on each video after you watch them. Next time you have to open them to see if “thumb up” is highlighted. Never use “thumbs down” (even if you don’t like the video) as the black highlighting is really hard to see (should be highlighted red instead I think).

  4. lori

    I think one of the most wonderful hackers in the world should put watched tag back on YouTube