Your Google+ Cover Image is Now Insanely Large

Google Plus Cover

It doesn’t get much bigger than that.

Google hasn’t forgotten about their social network. In the last week, they’ve pushed developers to include Google+ API sign in and now they’ve added a few more refreshes to the UI.

Reviews can now be seen through a link on a user’s profile. Any public reviews are listed, including the rating, location, and review itself. You can learn a lot about someone based upon what they thought about Pedro’s Taco Stand.

The About section of profiles has been partitioned to show links you’ve associated with your profile, your “Story”, work, education, basic information, places you’ve checked in, and apps. They’ve always had this information and some people will be surprised to find out that it’s so easily available.

The last chance is a big one, so to speak. With a maximum upload size of 2120 x 1192 and a presentation size that fills most screens, they’ve trumped Facebook’s cover photos by a large margin. That’s not to say they’re better. Just bigger.

Do you think it looks better this way?

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JD Rucker

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2 thoughts on “Your Google+ Cover Image is Now Insanely Large

  1. Bigger is definitely NOT always better. The new cover photos are way too big in my opinion. It seems disproportionate to me. I want to know their reasoning behind the change.

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