You Do Not Need to Understand SEO to Optimize Your Blog

Understand SEO Optimize Blog

Not every blogger knows Search Engine Optimization (SEO); some people just simply want a platform to write on and to have readers. Yet, SEO plays a factor in gaining readers and therefore not knowing it can easily get you lost within the shuffle of all the other bloggers who just want to “write”.

You do not need to be an expert in SEO to have your site optimized, nor do you have to know a lot, just a little can help you form an audience and once you do, you will have readers who will most likely share (and from a social standpoint you know the ripple effects that can have.)

There are a few tips you should know when writing for your blog, one being that niche blogs (a blog that covers one Industry or topic) do better since their content is focused and related to each other, therefore you are using keywords that are relevant.

Keywords that are relevant to your blog and its articles are key factors to getting your blog indexed properly and as you should be somewhat aware, Google changes its algorithm more than a chameleon changes its colors, so keeping true and consistent can help you avoid having to know the ins-and-outs of what search engines are up to.

You want to blog regularly so you remain relevant to the search engines, other blogs that are updated more often will see the light of day, but to remember that your blog needs to be genuine, blogging for no real reason will not help your site get optimized, good content is very important.

Writing good content will help you not only be found more easily but could amplify your blog through what is known as “Social Signals”, some might say that social share buttons do not contribute all that much, but when you are trying to rank for a specific keyword and have it anchor texted to the appropriate site that is relevant, you will be surprised as to what a like, +1 or a pin can do.

Write natural content.

Don’t be the kind of blogger that rips off of other blogs to only link back, or the type that constantly finds articles and rewords it. Do some research and find content that is factual, yet not seen on every other type of blog that relates to the same niche as yours; original content goes along way. The more natural you choose to write the better you will be seen, so stay true to you and your niche.

If you are just thinking of creating a blog, stay away from same named blogs and from anchor texting same names as well such as; for example, get a little more creative, what was once yearned for and financially paid for is no longer worth it anymore. Keep this in mind when anchor texting too, if you are looking to rank for something, don’t put your domain (ex: and then write and then link to It is a waste of time and will not help you get the readers you are looking to have become a part of your community.

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  1. Some good tips here. I have just started Blogging regularly and am always looking for helpful tips and ideas. Thank you!

  2. Great tips for bloggers here. The use of unique and well researched content is crucial to any “on page” SEO. However, it is also a good idea for any blogger to use social media to get their content out to a readership quickly.

  3. You don’t need to be an SEO expert to optimize your blog, but you need to understand it on some level. If you are serious about getting your site/blog to rank it’s advisable to get some SEO training. Even a basic knowledge can make a difference.

  4. True, but if you are looking for better traffic then you must understand the process so that you can optimize your blog accordingly. You need to understand the basics of onpage and off page so that you can use techniques which can help you to get more traffic.

  5. I agree with the natural writing comment. The blog will be a lot more engaging than if it is stuffed with keywords and in this day and age that is more valuable.