There’s no need to rehash the announcement that Donald Trump wants to ban all Muslims from entering the country until the government “can figure out what is going on.” You already know all the details you need. Let’s talk about America itself within the context of the situation that Trump has framed.

I’ll keep it brief. If I don’t, this could turn into a 5,000 word rant.

For a quick definition, “jumping the shark” refers to a two-part episode of the show Happy Days where Fonzie is put into mortal danger by jumping over a shark-infested area of a lake with water skis. If that sounds silly, that’s because it was and it marked the rapid downfall of a show that thought it needed to push the envelope to stay relevant.

Donald Trump has jumped the shark. With his nomination outlook taking a slow downturn following invincibility since the summer, he decided to up the ante a few dozen notches. He knows how to play the American people, particular those who are most scared of what could happen to them if more Muslims enter America.

Donald Trump Jumping the Shark

It’s important to understand the very precise distinction here. He’s not appealing to those who are scared of terrorists. Those people can be reached by valid candidates through policies of improved screening, protection of 2nd Amendment rights, smart national security measures, and prudence on the part of our elected officials and the law enforcement organizations that serve us. After all, the attack in San Bernardino represents the worst terrorist attack in over 14 years. Things need to be fixed but Americans are not cowering under their covers at night wondering if a trip to the grocery store is going to be a meeting with death. That’s for other parts of the world. In America, we’re relatively safe, all things considered.

Trump is appealing to those who are scared of Muslims themselves. They, like Trump, have never and will never want Muslims in the country. They, like Trump, are using the San Bernardino attacks, Ft. Hood, the Moore, OK murder, and other examples of radical Islamic terrorism as avenues to express their hatred and fear of Islam itself.

It pains me to realize the truth that there is a relatively large portion of the American population that feels this way. As a US flag bearing, Jesus loving, God fearing naturalized citizen of the United States, I take offense to anyone who believes that America can be made great again with this type of bigotry in the White House. We should be beyond this by now, but the sad reality is that we’re not.

Jumping the shark will have one of two effects. It will either wake people up to the lunacy of the Trump campaign and allow us to put in a proper representative of the Republican party to defeat Hillary Clinton or it will ensure that Hillary Clinton is our next President. Even if you are one who would love for all Muslims to be halted from entering, you must understand that the stance is untenable and Trump is 100% guaranteed to lose in the general election if he is the nominee. It won’t even be close. Democrats hate him. Independents will not stand for it. Many Republicans, even hardline conservatives such as me, will view Clinton as the lesser of two evils.

The Republican party is at the most important crossroads in modern history. We’ve been given the opportunity to take the reins by President Obama’s horrendous Presidency. This should be a layup for candidates like Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio who would defeat Clinton in a landslide. Even Ben Carson, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Rand Paul, or Carly Fiorina would defeat Clinton. Donald Trump cannot and making him our nominee is a path towards the further degradation of America.

The need for national security, border control, and strength in the White House has never been greater. Trump may have given his campaign a boost for the nomination, but he’s eliminated any possibility of winning in the general election.

Written by JD Rucker
JD Rucker is Editor of this site as well as The New Americana, a Conservative News Aggregator. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and co-founder of the Federalist Party. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.