Google Passes Yahoo on for First Time since 2006

Yahoo pwnedBetween mid-and late-January, Google‘s traffic levels according to passed Yahoo! to become the highest traffic website in the world for the first time, other than two brief spurts in 2006.  It comes on the wake of several pieces of news centered around Yahoo!, including Microsoft’s unsolicited offer to buy them and planned layoffs.

Both sites have been hovering around each other in traffic since the beginning of 2006, bouncing regularly between 25% and 30% reach to internet users worldwide.  Yahoo! is still listed on the Alexa rankings as #1, but if Google stays put, this will change with the next ranking update.

Internet Analyst Paul Rushing says, “Google’s push toward personalizing their services with products such as iGoogle and Gmail has been bringing more people to use it for more than just a search engine.  People want one point through which to go about their internet activities.”

Could it just be a brief spike?  It’s always possible.  Alexa data is far from accurate, but the trends have been pointing towards a decline for a while now.  Take a look at the Page View trends for the last 3 years.  While Yahoo still has a lead, they are definitely in decline while Google is holding steady.

If Yahoo! is sold to Microsoft, it will mean an infusion of capitol and technology to help Yahoo! reclaim the top spot.  Otherwise, Google should be able to stay on top for a long time.

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  2. How important is Alexa?
    In Germany, Alexa is not so well known,
    How important do you think the Alexa rank really?
    Greetings from Germany

  3. Google Did it again To day