Winklevoss Pistachio Marketing

Companies for the last few years have tried to connect with internet trends and celebrities to give their marketing a better chance of “going viral” on social media. The more their products are associated with things that are popular online, the better-branded the companies will be.

Such is the case with Wonderful Pistachios whose 2-year-old GetCrackin campaign continues to expose the brand and raise awareness of pistachios in general.

“We knew pistachios were quietly enjoyed by everybody, and we really wanted to get them out in front of consumers,” said Marc Seguin, senior director of marketing for Paramount Farms. “We look for characters who can really amplify the fun and who have a lot of social value who inspire people to talk about them around the water cooler—and the pistachio bowl, I guess.”

They have used Snooki, Keyboard Cat, and even the wildly-popular Angry Birds game to get their brand attached to familiar pleasures. Sales increased 233% after their first batch of viral videos. The latest batch features the Winklevoss twins from Facebook lawsuit fame, Crystal from The Hangover II, and basketball star Lamar Odom with reality-TV wife Khloe Kardashian.

Check out some of their videos:

Written by JD Rucker
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