Without an Audience your Brand means nothing

Without an Audience your Brand means nothing

Social Media is now the leading form of Marketing due to the increase and need from customers to hear from other peers about reviews on any type of product. We have grown social networks together and social networks are now the number one activity we do online. That is an average of 1 out of 6 minutes that a person is using a social network, our yearning for connection constantly growing.

Facebook’s community dwarf’s the entire population of the continent of Europe and 93% of American Internet users are on Facebook. However, this could all mean nothing if you do not know how to Market your brand using Social Media, an audience is key, without one, your brand means nothing online.

In order for you to build your brand online you need to target a market, for example if you sell cupcakes use your social sites to not promote your cupcakes, but to tap into cupcake enthusiasts by sharing unique recipes and photos of crafty cupcakes for those types of foodies.

Then, every once in a while share your cupcake of the month or a creatively designed cupcake that your business makes and it will blend together and increase your chances of a lead.

Cupcakes is just one example, if you own a bridal shop, take pictures of brides and grooms during various seasons, make the setting romantic and let the photo almost tell the fairy tale. Attention to the details is what helps people take notice of your brand and relating to someone through your updates is the result you are looking for, since the more you can relate to your online audience, the more chances you have of them becoming your next customer.

When thinking of your brand, narrow it down to what the majority would like or which niche you want to be consistent about and people will flock to you, if you choose to just think only of your brand and share your inventory and products, people will ignore you and you will not leave the impression you hoped for when using Social Media.

Strategize and share all types of media formats and content that will appeal to the masses, even step outside your industry and have an opinion or share a photo or article that is highly popular within pop culture, the news or if it evokes the aw factor. Stay away from negativity, Social Networks for many are a form of escapism from their own negativities in life, so keep it upbeat and friendly without stirring the pot too much.

Have fun and be natural when posting, don’t force anything but be willing to try new things, no one ever got anywhere by standing still… well of course unless you were beamed up by Scotty, and that is not likely to happen in this decade…yet.

So open your online doors with an open mind and find out what will captivate an audience that will take them from online to in-store.

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  2. Great post, Erin.

    Where I’m from, the social media is yet to make any real strides. Barack Obama’s big ticket to the White House in 2008 was Twitter; but in the Philippines – the coming election isn’t even going to be real test on the mettle of the social media marketing.

    Two of three Internet users in the Philippines are on Facebook, yet a more significant number of brands and businesses shun away from social networks. This post should be a must-read for all business group meetings! 🙂