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Most people now acknowledge that any marketing strategy should include a social media component. The problem is that working with social media requires a goodly amount of human effort and there are so many social media, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, FourSquare, Instagram, and on and on, to choose from.

Two relative newcomers, Pinterest and Tumblr, certainly deserve to be considered. Where would it be best to put your efforts?


Pinterest and Tumblr Compared

Susan Gunelius in February, 2012 compared Pinterest and Tumblr in asking the question Which Is Better for Brands? She felt that Pinterest and Tumblr were among the hippest consumer social networks and you should consider dedicating some of your marketing resources to at least one or the other. Let us first give a mini-description of these two social media. When you create a Pinterest account for your brand, you can “pin” images and videos that you find online that you like, just as you would bookmark content you enjoy on a site like Digg or StumbleUpon. You can create pinboards (similar to scrapbooks or bulletin boards used in the days before computers) to hold your pinned content. Using those pinboards, you can categorize your pins to make them easy to find and share later. Tumblr is a microblogging tool with which you can publish short posts that can be text, images, video, or audio. Other Tumblr members can share your content on their own Tumblr blogs with a single mouse click in a similar way to a ReTweet in Twitter. You can read her detailed analysis of the two but in summary, she concluded:

The bottom-line is that Pinterest is highly focused on visual imagery while Tumblr is a bit more flexible in terms of the type of content you can publish. Choose the site where your audience spends time and where you can publish the most compelling content to engage your target audience.

Things change rapidly on the Internet so let us examine the current situation.

A Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Although Bob Gilbreath denies he is creating a Pinterest marketing strategy, his post on Defining Success On Pinterest covers much of the ground that would be covered in a marketing strategy. The essence of what he is saying is that the Pinterest image should capture the prospect’s attention in a positive way so that they are drawn to check out the associated web page that can be the starting point of their exploration of what you have to offer. The chances of success are greatest when you are dealing with one of the topics that is a key draw on Pinterest and also targeting those visitors who frequent Pinterest. That used to be women although a greater proportion of men are now visiting.

A Tumblr Marketing Strategy

Charly Mercer of Demand Media offers the other view with a post on How to Build a Successful Tumblr Marketing Plan. This emphasizes that Blogs can be an integral part of an Internet marketing strategy. The smaller user base in Tumblr can be an advantage for marketers, allowing you to publish content in a tighter community and making sure your posts receive more attention among reduced competition. Best of all, Tumblr can be an ideal space for launching a product, service or brand, gaining recognition in a small community before entering larger networks with an already established reputation.

Making the Choice

Choosing where to put your efforts should be dictated by the current status of Pinterest and Tumblr and how this is likely to change in the future. The following factors should be taken into account:

  • Pinterest presents you only with an image (one-way communication) whereas Tumblr offers richer content that allows for human interaction.
  • Pinterest is no longer a female dominated medium but male visitors are making up a greater proportion of the audience
  • The Tumblr audience splits half-and-half between the below 25 year olds and their seniors.
  • The acquisition of Tumblr by Yahoo! will undoubtedly multiply the visibility of Tumblr mini-blogs.

Taking everything into account, although Tumblr may require more planning and effort to create a presence than Pinterest, it seems likely that Tumblr will deliver a much higher return on your effort.

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