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Many of us use either Facebook or Twitter as our main social networks to catch up with friends, share information, and update our statuses. However, Google+ is also a great place to do all of these things, plus more and there are many reasons why you should switch to using it.

Here are at least 20 good reasons Google+ should be your new social network.

Switching to Google Plus
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  1. novenator

    I think G+ has moved well above the 100 million user mark by this point. That figure was released about 5 months ago. Regardless, I agree that G+ is a great site to get involved in. The design and flow is epic.

  2. Hi Victoria, the only reason for me to use Google+ if Google use its signal for SEO. Otherwise, there are two many social networking sites to join and take care of.

  3. We really do have a lot of reasons for joining Google+. Thanks for telling us more reasons why. This surely illustrates why we should be lovin’ Google+. Cheers!

  4. J. Holder Bennett

    3 is opinion, 4/17 are untrue, 7 is misleading, 9 is a lawsuit in waiting, 13/14 actually obstruct the user experience. I could go on. G+ is forgettable and awkward. I also wonder just how much G+ paid for what is effectively an ad.

  5. There certainly are reasons to join Google+ but I really don’t think many of the reasons in this post are valid.

    The main reason why I’m considering implementing Google+ into my own social media strategy is that Google have begun to implement it into SERP’s, which also serves to remind us that Google have the power to gently push us towards Google+ through changes they are making to their homepage and algorithm.

    At the moment I see a presence on Google+ to be a very cheap way of consolidating ownership of the SERPs and it most definitely should not be ignored!

  6. Google+ certainly isn’t a “Facebook killer” but it has its benefits. Perhaps the most important (from an SEO perspective) is the affect involvement has on a search presence. Google incorporates + data into its algorithm so being involved and sharing content can help improve your ranking.