Why Tagged and Social Discovery are the Next Big Thing

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There is no shortage of ways to interact with the people we know. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and just about every social media site is geared towards connecting friends and family in different ways. Tagged was heading down the same road until they did a well-publicized pivot that changed their fortunes and is currently changing the direction of social media in general.

Yesterday, they raised a round of funding that wasn’t common in today’s climate. Money invested in Silicon Valley today is normally associated with risks. It usually involves large numbers and a large stake of the company. That wasn’t the case with yesterday’s round; Tagged is a safe bet as a company that is already profitable, they didn’t raise a ton (just enough to get a boost in innovations), and they didn’t give away the farm.

The direction that Tagged is heading is towards social discovery. The concept isn’t a new one but Tagged is combining the components familiar in social networking with the idea of meeting new people around you or across the world. Instead of just seeing pictures of your nephew sliding into third base, you’ll get a window into the lives of people that you haven’t met yet. This is a direction that is unfamiliar to most and a concept that is taking off, thus the round of funding.

As the social site continues to expand, we’ll be watching them closely to see where they’re heading. They lost the social networking war to Facebook long ago, but they’re paving a new road that is both exciting and yet still has a common-sense necessity about it that makes Tagged a formidable player in the industry.

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  2. craig

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  3. It certainly does seem that social discovery is becoming increasingly more important than simple networking. We’ve worked out how to keep in touch with friends online, but really that was just an internet expansion to the telephone. Social Discovery is much more of a big deal, in my opinion, and is actually drastically changing the way we interact and do business.

    As with most technological advances it will certainly come with some negatives, but still the opportunities it presents is just mind blowing. Increasingly the success of a business as largely based upon their ability to utilise new technologies, especially within communications, marketing and networking.

    In addition to Tagged, there are a large number of other social discovery sites being developed, many of them localised, and truly they will have a profound impact on the business environment.

    Many thanks for the insightful blog,