Why StumbleUpon’s Su.pr is the URL Shortener of Choice

Fans of bit.ly, DiggBar, ow.ly, or any of the gazillion URL shorteners out there will object. They will ask, “What makes su.pr so special?”

SuprStumbleUpon has done a great job at putting together the best features that are available on some shorteners and added a few things that that are less common or completely unique.  The only thing they haven’t done yet is properly publicize this amazing package of a URL shortener.

You probably know these things…

  • It shortens URLs as small or smaller than anyone else with a 4-character domain
  • You can post to Twitter and Facebook like a few of the shorteners, as well as thumbing up and reviewing on StumbleUpon itself
  • It has very decent real-time analytics that give separates out clicks from stumbles, shows retweets, and displays accounts that thumbed up the content on SU.
  • A Firefox browser bookmarklet is available.

Su.pr AnalyticsYou may not know the following tidbits of information which, at least for us, sealed the deal:

  • Bloggers using WordPress can shorten URLs on their own domain.  Joshua Eichorn, who assisted SU on the project, details how things work with the plugin.
  • Sites not built on WordPress can also take advantage of short URLs on their own domain.
  • Unlike some shorteners, the WordPress plugin for su.pr allows bloggers to create search engine friendly URLs with 301 redirects.
  • The presence of an API will allow for more apps to be developed as well as integration with pre-existing services.

With all of this going for it, it’s a wonder that StumbleUpon has been rather shy in its rollout.  Closer examination reveals that su.pr has the features that exceed the capabilities of the other shorteners out there. It can help to generate traffic like Diggbar and Reddit’s shortener, it has the tracking and API capabilities of bit.ly and ow.ly, and it can be integrated with sites very cleanly.

To us, it’s no contest.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this useful information, i was waiting of su.pr. Yesterday i try it, It is very easy to use and have lot’s of interesting features.

  2. Dan

    It also allows users to publicise content on their website by displaying a sidebar when one of that user’s su.pr urls is used. The sidebar includes links to the pages most stumbled on the user’s website. It only seems to appear when a user has a few highly stumbled urls for their website though.

  3. rooney

    why do you need to shorten your url? if people are fine typing in boingboing.net, instead of say bng.bng.net, they why bother shortening? i found a very good article on finding an available url in today’s crowded url market: http://onthebutton.wordpress.com/2009/07/16/finding-a-url/ check it out.

  4. Stumble Upon is very useful and helpful for net users,they don’t need to write lengthy URL

  5. Really nice little tool…but I can’t find the Firefox bookmarklet – can you point me to it? Hate it when sites make something too much work because you can quickly lose interest.

  6. I’ve been using su.pr virtually from the moment it was released. Brilliant. No contest indeed.

  7. I have been using ow.ly with their HootSuite web app, but after giving Su.pr a spin, let’s just say I will no longer be using ow.ly to shorten my URLS.

    I installed the Su.pr blog plugin and it cuts a couple of steps out of each post for me, and I love the added benefit of promotion for my blog.

    Thanks for the review, I had been thinking about using it and your article was the push I needed.

    Regards … Scott

  8. I just found su.pr today and started using it… super easy. I had not tried other aps like ow.ly previously— so I tried ow.ly today as well. My only question is whether you guys think it is better to give readers the option to share on their favorite content sharing sites (like ow.ly seems to allow) vs only allowing them to stumble it— as it is on su.pr. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated…

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