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Almost everybody and their mother (Still haven’t accepted my Mom’s friend request), has a Facebook account. Nowadays, Facebook is not only used for personal use, but by businesses as well. A variety of businesses from your local small town deli, all the way up to big names like Nike, have a Facebook page and use it to create product awareness and customer engagement. Some companies will benefit from Facebook better than others.

One industry that could benefit immensely on Facebook without even realizing it, is the car dealer industry. Think about it, the car dealer industry is one based heavily on trust and lots of visuals. What better way to gain the customers trust, then to be a part of their social network, almost like becoming their “friend” if you will. By regularly updating your Facebook page with funny, informative, and engaging content, dealerships could potentially build a relationship with their customers.

Facebook also benefits the car dealer industry through visual media. Posting pictures of the cars both inside and out, so the customer can get a real good look at a car from the comfort of their home, can prove beneficial. Posting pictures of the staff can help customers get better acquainted with the happy faces at the dealership, making it a more comfortable visit when they visit the showroom. On top of this, commercials, sales posters, and other images can be easily broadcasted to the masses on Facebook and help you get the dealerships name out there.

If you manage a dealership and do not have a Facebook page, you may want to think about getting one, for the same reasons I listed above. Social media is becoming the future of business more and more as time goes on. Essentially, Facebook is a free and powerful marketing tool when it is used correctly. When it comes to selling cars, why not post it on Facebook for tons of people to see?

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