Marco Rubio Donald Trump Lies

In politics, credibility is arguably the most important trait that people look for in a candidate. They might rate other issues higher, but the reality is that all of the other issues have to be seen through the lens of whether or not the voter believes a candidate is telling the truth. This is what has been fueling the Rubio/Trump tag teaming on Ted Cruz by repeatedly calling him a liar.

Both Marco Rubio and Donald Trump have been caught in heinous lies just in the last few days. Instead of issuing corrections or simply stopping them from being told, they’ve both decided to double down in hopes that the mainstream media would perpetuate the narrative beyond the life of their debunked storylines.

There’s a funny thing about lies. When they’re repeated often enough, people start to believe them. That’s Rubio’s and Trump’s hope, which is why they continue to echo the sentiment long after their own lies about Cruz are debunked. This is a tactic that has been played over and over again by the left, particularly people like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton who learned their techniques from Saul Alinski. It appears that Rubio and Trump are following the same dark path.

For Trump, it was blatant yet under-reported by mainstream media. His campaign told a blatant lie by attributing a quote by a far-left blogger to conservative former Senator Tom Coburn. After Coburn came out and revealed the truth, Trump removed the Tweet but continued to spread the lie at campaign events. It’s one thing to do something unwittingly, such as when a member of Cruz’s campaign posted a CNN report that Ben Carson was dropping out. Righteously, Cruz chastised the action (which he wasn’t aware of when it was happening) and apologized to Carson. He cannot expect the same truth or decency from Trump.

Rubio jumped on the “Cruz is a liar” bandwagon out of necessity. He has been caught in a clear lie about him promising to not rescind President Obama’s amnesty executive order. Rather than admit the truth based upon the video evidence showing him doing exactly what Cruz said he did, Rubio turned to Alinski/Obama/Trump tactics of repeating his own lies and framing Cruz as the dishonest one.

There’s a reason that both candidates are going down this dark road. Cruz is, by no means, a perfect candidate, but his consistency throughout his career is a stark contrast to Rubio’s and Trump’s history of broken promises and flip-flops. They can’t attack Cruz on the issues because they’re on the wrong side of too many of them. They can’t attack Cruz on skills because he’s demonstrated the highest abilities to establish the real changes that Americans want. Instead, they hope to create a chaotic storm surrounding him based upon deceit. I liked Rubio a lot and I respected what Trump has done to steer the conversations in the right direction, but their recent actions have them falling lower on my nomination scale and completely off my list of honest people who practice decency and hold true to principles.

If Trump or Rubio are able to defeat Cruz, it won’t be because they’re better candidates. It will be because they successfully smeared Cruz using Saul Alinski’s playbook to hide their own lies by proclaiming that Cruz is the liar. Video evidence to the contrary is irrelevant to them because they know most voters will never take the time to fact-check their claims.

Update: I just read a “conspiracy theory” that, after further examination, seems like it might just be legitimate. Could Rubio be playing at being Trump’s VP? At first, I sighed at another ridiculous accusation. Then, I thought about. Then, I thought about it more. The more I think about it, the more I realize that this might actually be the most legitimate concept out there right now, especially with so many questioning why Rubio refuses to attack Trump.

Written by JD Rucker
JD Rucker is Editor of this site as well as The New Americana, a Conservative News Aggregator. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and co-founder of the Federalist Party. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.