Why My Next Phone Will Be Windows 8, Sight Unseen

Windows Phone 8

I’m what you might call an Apple Hipster. I was using the Macintosh and Apple IIe before they were cool. The various companies that I’ve worked for over the last decade and a half converted me to be a PC guy, but definitely not by choice. That’s why it was a surprise to those who know me when I bought a G1, the first official Android phone, back in 2008.

I was trying to be smart. I compared the specs. I went so far as to put it head to head with an iPhone to see which was more responsive, which was faster browsing, and which seemed to have the brighter future. The Apple won by a very small margin but I was already with T-Mobile and it wasn’t enough of a difference to switch carriers, so I went home and started to play with my shiny new Android device.

Fast forward 5 Android smartphones later and for the first time since my mobile computer life began I’m facing a decision. Do I finally relent and get an iPhone 5 when it comes out? Do I go with one of the slick new Androids like the Galaxy S III (never had a Galaxy)? I was planning on going over the specs, grinding through comparisons, and making an informed decision as any self-proclaimed geek should.

Then, something happened. I saw a friend using a Windows 7 phone. Like when I’m watching a trailer for a movie that I decide half-way through I’m going to watch, I stop my friend from showing me any more. I’m in. It’s not that the features are any better (though the interface is pretty slick). It’s that I enjoyed the little that I saw and felt that this may just be the phone for me.

I’m not going to go into specs. I’m making a lifestyle choice for my next phone. I don’t want to be an Apple cult follower. I don’t want to be part of the Android sheep, either. I want to be a Windows Phone guy. It’s not the advertisements. It’s definitely not the peer pressure (I only know one person with a Windows Phone). It’s the symbolism that the company represents. They’re the underdog. They have what many consider to be a formidable product and their app store is perfectly big enough for me. As a result, I’m officially going to be carrying around a Windows 8 phone.

When do they come out again?

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  1. Ron

    I’ve been a Windows Phone guy almost since the start. I only had to wait for my contact to expire so I could switch to WP7. I’ve always been a PC guy and I got Android by the time it was already popular. The feeling of being the underdog for once is refreshing.

    However I’m not sure if I’d want to be the underdog if it didn’t happen to be the best offering. I happen to find WP7 to be the best of all the smartphone operating systems. It does the basic things much better. For example the way how the messaging tile is facebook, windows live and sms all in one is just game changing.

    The WP7 devices are also incredibly smooth even if the hardware is dated compared to Android. WP7 doesn’t need better hardware to run better than Android, in fact they’ll releasing an update to make it run smooth on low-end specs too. This is the exact opposite of how Google and Apple are operating. It makes you feel you aren’t just on the underdog’s side but also on the side that is changing the game for the better.

  2. I just got a Nokia Lumia 900. I was not sure that I made the right choice switching to a Windows phone.

    You’ll have to pry that phone out of my cold dead hands. The interface is elegant. I have NO trouble syncing with my PC. There are some unexpected features that I love. And yes I can give the phone verbal commands. I’m glad I switched.

  3. WP7 does not sync with MS Outlook 2010 local calendar, contacts or e-mail, there is no local sync options for Mail/Outlook. There is no API to do that functionality. it must either go through exchange or hotmail connector. Which means no easy why to sync this information on an ongoing basis….. You can sync Music, pictures and videos though… but not Outlook info directly.

    none of the WP7x devices support on-device encryption, which is a complete no-go for corporations that have the feature enable in MS exchange.

    The lack of these 2 core features made me return my Nokia 900.

  4. I am glad to see that some more people are aware of the ‘under dog’ status of Microsoft. I too used to be Apple fan boy for a while but realized that Apple was way too over-priced, way too pampered by the media, and have a quasi-religious fanbois who are constantly trying to justify their own mistake of buying expensive Apple toys but trying to ‘switch’ the non-Apple crowd. Anyway, partly inspired by you, I have just registered a domain: http://www.CrappyApple.com . Much work needs to be done to support Windows Phone and to expose Apple. Thanks.

  5. SK

    I once bought a Palm for the same reason.

    I felt I was special.

    Nobody cared.