Why Internet Explorer Has This 90s Kid Screaming Hip Hop Hooray


Nowadays the web browser known as Internet Explorer (IE) is mostly known to be used by businesses. Admittedly I haven’t been its biggest supporter, I haven’t used Topps cards or played skip it in a long time either. But Internet Explorer has definitely persuaded me to give it another look by simply time traveling me back to my childhood.

I don’t like to watch television anymore, commercials irritate me and I like to watch my shows uninterrupted. I am known as a cord cutter, I like to curl up and watch Netflix as it streams seamlessly and continuously without any distractions. However, every once and a while I will hear my satellite call out my name to pay it some attention and when I do, I see why I love Netflix so much (lol).

With that said, recently I was blown away by a commercial, a commercial of all things…and it turned out to be about Internet Explorer… of all browsers. Surprisingly, much like my BH 90210 dolls and cassette tapes, I too left Internet Explorer in the 90’s.

Of course the other things I had left behind were due to growing up or growing out of, but never really had a real reason to leave Internet Explorer in my rear view mirror. So as the commercial aired I found myself captivated as it beamed me back into the 90’s… and here it comes… I loved every second of it.

This, my friends is what I would classify as brilliant marketing.

Not only did I enjoy it once, every time it airs I am enchanted all over again. I have even gone to YouTube to watch the Microsoft commercial…believe me; I am in awe of myself. This isn’t because I suddenly dislike Netflix or miraculously love commercials. This is because Microsoft told a story, a story that myself and many other kids who grew up in the 90s could relate to as well. We kids are now adults, and as the commercial says, so is Internet Explorer.

We have changed and grown and perhaps IE has too. Perhaps… we need to explore it again.

I must say that this is by far the best marketing campaign I have seen in a long time and I am impressed. I even voted for them to win a webby award for best online content for this particular commercial and would use their commercial as an example of how to market your brand correctly for businesses. Tell a story, reminisce and bring a smile to your client base. Be bold, be daring and associate your business with a memory, an era, a generation.

Emotional association is what will sell your brand.

So incorporate relatable moments and memories and share in them. I know I now will think of this commercial every time I hear or use Internet Explorer and that is the point, they have now associated the things I loved with their brand.

Clearly, IE isn’t selling anything here, but instead asking for you to revisit an old friend.  I now too have a hankering for fruit roll up’s and could totally go for a game of tag and because of this,  I will rediscover Internet Explorer, after all, I am a 90s kid and I remember.

Vote for Microsoft Internet Explorer



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  2. Blogging is a form of Social Media. That is all. 🙂
    Socially Yours,
    Erin Ryan

  3. Caitlyn

    Thanks for sharing! Really brought back some good memories. Not sure it necessarily makes me want to go back to Internet Explorer right away, but definitely gains them some respect in my eyes!

  4. “I am known as a cord cutter” Love the description. This is the way of things now days. The only time I get commercials forced on me is those occasions I go to the theater or whilst watching sports. And in those moments I inevitably find myself on my cell and catch up on the latest gossip or news. The first time I saw the above mentioned add gave me a warm feeling of times remembered, but at no stage did I think of rekindling my relationship with IE. In fact my PC is still on IE version 8 as I’ve never bothered to update it.