Why I’m Launching a Christian Site in 2013

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As many of you know, professionally I dwell in the marketing world with my primary tools being search and social. I live on Google and Facebook beyond the standard 9-5 gig simply because it’s a requirement when you strive to be the best at something that with so many worthy competitors. I’ve even been accused of spending too much time on social media… as if such a thing were even possible.

My private life has been creeping more and more into my professional realm. I am a conservative Christian. I do as much as I can to learn more about the ways of the world both political and religious in preparation for whatever lies ahead. All too often, the collision of personal and professional do not mesh properly. Despite the fact that I am a firm believer that you should stand for what you believe in whether you’re “just doing your job” or out and about exploring the world, there are times when it becomes necessary to have an alternative venue that better fits the message that I’m trying to convey.

Thus, I will be posting search and social stuff on Soshable just as I always have, but I will limit my political and religious views to a minimum here. The only way to accomplish this is to have another place to let that part of me roam free. To that end, I’m turning dusty garage-kept hobbies from the past into websites that I hope will be able to make a difference.

My conservative blog and my Christian blog will be launching in full force in January. I have dabbled with both for too long. I have been blessed with the resources necessary to make them work separately from my professional life, so that is exactly what I’m going to do. Nothing will be lost at Soshable. The writing will still be pounded out here on a daily basis. I simply need alternative venues through which to “be myself” and express what I feel compelled to let out. Keep reading here and if you’re of like mind, be sure to check out my other sites as well. I’m looking forward to the best year ever in 2013.

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  1. Loafingcactus Mary

    I’ve done something similar. Way back when I started loafingcactus, it was an identity secret from my work life. Now that both my professional life and my personal life are more online than ever, it’s not possible or even desirable to keep these secret, but it is nice to have a little picket fence and I just overhauled the blog to be a bit better than it was. I wish more people would go for the 2+ garden approach- I met someone the other day who was very interesting as a human being, but her online streams are about a profession which interests me not at all. I decided not to follow her on Twitter, etc. because I just didn’t need all that stuff from her work world in my life.

  2. This is something I have struggled with as well. I’ve been active in niches including baseball cards and affiliate marketing to Fantasy Baseball and SEO. Online you need to be relevant to your audience but when you audience crosses multiple niches it gets harder to manage everything and everyone. I have a few projects on hold trying to figure out just how much time I want to devote to them and how to handle online personas. Maybe you can share how things go for you as you make these changes JD.

  3. Looking forward to reading more JD. I too am in the midst of learning to express myself and in that a journey of self discovery. If we can understand our listeners and readers better, I am certain that we can communicate and share on a completely wondrous level. Thank you for your insightful posts! Edward

  4. JD Rucker

    Thank you all for your replies. This was somewhat of a tough choice to make; I’ve been so dedicated to my trade in social media, search, and automotive marketing that it has encompassed me since late 2011. Sometimes I feel like I have to work extended hours 7 days a week just to keep my job. It helps to bring a little sanity knowing that there are others out there facing similar challenges.