Soshable Sunday Musing

I swear I’ll do it! There’s no talking me down from the ledge this time.

I’ve been contemplating it for months. There are business reasons for doing it, of course. It’s like the cocaine dealer that doesn’t do drugs – they’re always the most successful. I’m not trying to compare Facebook to cocaine here, but I do believe that something can be said about my ability to break down Facebook as a business tool without the interference caused by being a daily user. In essence, by focusing 100% on Facebook as a tool for our business clients, I will be able to deliver them better results.

Still, that’s not the reason that I am considering deleting my account. This is:

If that didn’t inspire you at least a tiny bit, it’s already too late for you. You’re hooked. You’re a lifer.

Those who use Facebook every day (nearing half of the US adult population) may find it difficult to disconnect. There are so many good things about the service, allowing us to stay in touch without friends. The challenge is, are they really “friends” or are they simply acquaintances that you really don’t care about and who really don’t care about you?

It’s LOLocaust. Have you been poked lately?

How ironic would it be if you “Liked” this page on Facebook?

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  1. Great vid, but, I don’t think everyone needs to get off facebook that much. Take me as an example (and I know there are many like me out there) I only use facebook as my unified place to know what’s going around the world plus a couple of funny vids, and it doesn’t happen on daily basis, I can stay a couple of days not visiting facebook, sometimes more. However, I like the conclusion of the video; “you’re nicer in real life than online” and that kind of stuff, I think everyone needs those words as an alert. And the problem isn’t really with facebook as much as it is addicting staying online; let’s say that before facebook internet addictors used to spend 10hrs per day online, after facebook those same people spend 9 out of those on facebook (maybe even 11, just an extra hour) which what made it seem like facebook is what’s ruining lives while it actually is THE INTERNET (if used without brakes).
    But all that is just my opinion. Nothing statistical 🙂

  2. Joshua Blount

    Why does it matter to you that much? Facebook accounts will not last forever anyway. It is just a matter of time before the newer, bigger, better social network comes along.

  3. Angela

    I’ve never thought about deleting my Facebook but after this video, it would make me think about it. But it’s really hard to disconnect when you’ve been connected for so long. And true, as I was watching this, I was on Facebook chatting with a friend in New York. I use my Facebook less though now that Twitter is around. But I don’t think I could let go. I sound like a fiend.

  4. Benzo Joling

    Hahaha… well, I’m glad I *CAN* delete Facebook if I want to. Some sites make it impossible, e.g., once a Skyper, always a Skyper. has a blacklist, I check it all the time if I need an account somewhere for my job or anything.

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