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Rupert Murdoch. Roger Ailes. Bill O’Reilly. Karl Rove. When we think of the power brokers in the foreground and behind the scenes at Fox News, we think of the people who make the news about… the news. Outwardly, Fox News (and their sister outlets like the Wall Street Journal) seems to be the closest to an ally of the Republican party as any mainstream media outlet. Inwardly, they’re almost worse than liberal media. At least with liberal media, you know what you’re getting.

Be warned: we’re about to dive into a perspective that you won’t find on mainstream media or even conservative media. It gets weird from here.

Fox News as an entity hates Ted Cruz. They’ve always hated anyone who proposes ideas that run too far to the right. Keep in mind that it has absolutely nothing to do with some conservative scale litmus test or any individual policy despite rumors from both sides. The forces driving Fox News hate Ted Cruz and have reluctantly embraced Donald Trump for one reason.

Before we look at that reason, let’s first dispel some of the myths about their motivations and goals as a corporate entity:

  • “Fox News hates Donald Trump” – False. They don’t hate Trump and they never have. Until recently, they felt that he was too controversial to be able to beat the Democrats, but they’ve reversed course now that they realize their golden candidate, Marco Rubio, has no path to victory.
  • “News anchors and show personalities manage their own perspectives” – Mostly false. While the hosts have their independent views and based upon their stature they have the right to voice their views, there are certain underlying policy mandates made by Ailes that can be spun any way the hosts like as long as it’s spun in the proper direction. We’ve never seen it more clearly displayed than the recent 180 degree shift away from Rubio.
  • “The channel and its shows are generally conservative.” – Mostly true. There’s a caveat, though. They’re conservative on the issues that they would use in order to push forward their agenda. Amnesty is an example of one of those issues where they indoctrinate Republicans towards a populist view. When it comes to the religious right, they are lukewarm at best. They don’t blatantly abandon conservative Christian perspectives like the rest of mainstream media, but they do everything they can to keep it all as secular as possible.
  • “They hate Democrats and only use token liberals to pretend to be fair and balanced.” – Mostly false. They take shots at the Democrats because that’s what it takes for them to be successful. It’s easier to keep a viewership through anger rather than progress, so attacking President Obama and his cronies is mostly for show. They control the message on both ends of the spectrum with their hosts, commentators, and guests, which means that their Republicans and Democrats are all mostly leaning towards the middle.
  • “Theirs is a media agenda, not a political or business one.” – False. Their interests and the very reason for the existence of Fox News is for political and business purposes only. If they can turn a profit and keep pushing their agenda, that’s great. If they stopped turning a profit, they would make adjustments to programming, focus, advertising styles, expanded mediums, acquisitions, and anything else they could do to move the needle on their profitability, but at the end of the day the political and business agendas are the most important component for them as well as every single mainstream media outlet in the country. Nobody goes into television news or talk shows to make money. They do it to shifts the hearts and minds towards an agenda.

With the myths out of the way, let’s explore the real driving force for Fox News. There’s a nebulous organization known as the Republican Establishment that Fox News is allegedly squarely a part of in a leadership role. This is partially true, but the deeper truth is more nefarious. The Republican Establishment works with the other power broker organizations such as the Democratic Establishment, Hollywood, K-Street, Silicon Valley, Wall Street, and even the darlings of the conspiracy theory world like the Bilderberg Group to maintain one perspective alive: the enhanced status quo.

By enhanced, I mean that the status quo is usually considered static while an enhanced status quo progresses at a pace based upon the carefully planned agendas of the power brokers. It’s important to understand that this is not a claim to an Illuminati New World Order conspiracy theory but rather the very clear truth that the end goal of maintaining the status quo unites all of these groups. The differences they have are in the details and the path to achieving their goal. They can disagree about whether or not raising taxes for revenue is better than lowering taxes for economic growth, but the one thing they do not want to change is the size and influence of government. Conservative, liberal, whatever – they want big government with big spending to rule.

This is why they don’t dislike Donald Trump. He may be a wildcard and he may have challenges winning in the general election, but he’s malleable enough that they believe they can control him just as they’ve controlled every President to some degree since John F. Kennedy. Even Ronald Reagan was under a certain level of control when it came to concepts like amnesty and worldwide foreign relations. Reagan was an incredible statesman who brought about the takedown of the USSR and the Berlin Wall and who made the formation of the European Union possible, but he did so in a controlled fashion based upon direct influence or subtle manipulation by the power brokers in the Establishment.

All of this brings us to…

Why They Hate Ted Cruz

The Establishment (which we’ll use to describe the disparate pieces of the whole) wants moderates in office. Before you jump in and say, “But Obama isn’t a moderate,” it’s important to keep in mind the things that are important to them versus the things that are tools to achieve their ultimate goals. The moderates that are loved by the Establishment are those who keep the money, war, and oversight by the government intact. Obama may have been extreme on topics like gay marriage, immigration, and healthcare reform, but when we dig deeper we’ll see that his actions all lined up with the Establishment’s goal of enhanced status quo.

Gay marriage isn’t the status quo, but it’s a social issue that doesn’t really concern them. If anything, it’s an enhancement. Immigration is an area that they all lean left, including Fox News, so Obama’s actions have not been out of line with them. As far as healthcare reform, they were able to butcher Obama’s original ideas about Obamcare in ways that made it little more than another reason to need big government without drastically affecting industries of interest such as pharmaceuticals.

Ted Cruz is a radical from their perspective. Bernie Sanders is as well which is why the Democratic Establishment is doing their part to eliminate him. Neither candidate can be allowed to be President from the Establishment’s perspective, which is why we started seeing the Michael Bloomberg rumors popping up. He was going to be unleashed under one circumstance and one circumstance only: a Sanders vs Cruz general election. Since that’s nearly impossible at this point, Bloomberg’s out.

Ted Cruz will shake things up in Washington DC. He’s not the paper tiger that Donald Trump is or the puppet that Marco Rubio would be. Cruz is an ideologue. The Establishment wanted an inspirational status quo maintenance man like Rubio but they’ll accept the malleable demagoguery of Trump.

Written by JD Rucker
JD Rucker is Editor of this site as well as The New Americana, a Conservative News Aggregator. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and co-founder of the Federalist Party. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.