Why Does Flickr Hate Social Media?

Technically speaking, Flickr IS a social media site.

You share images and videos (yes, you can share videos there, in case you hadn’t heard) and allow people to share and comment on them, so Flickr fits into the minimum criteria for being considered a social media site. With that out of the way, why is the site designed to do this:

Protecting content and traffic is important in the world of URL shorteners and framed content thieves, but surely the loss of traffic potential from sites like Digg, Twitter, and Stumbleupon outweighs this unnecessary protective action.

As much as I hate frame breakers, they’re better than this. Click on a NYTimes link from Digg – VOILA! You get the content, no frame.

You can frame in certain pages on Flickr but not the photo page itself. That, my friends, is asinine. YouTube is better for videos. Imgur is better for image hosting. Flickr is much more social than Imgur, but there are plenty of places to socialize and still share images.

Facebook, anyone?

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  1. I am building a blog to showcase Photos and I assumed Flickr would work well with WordPress. What a pain in the butt – Flickr is almost worthless. These are my photos – I just want to showcase them on my blog/website – yet there is no easy way to do that.

    Do you know of a plugin that would work well for this? I might have to scrap plans of using Flickr entirely… ww.cincopa.com looked nice for integration into WordPress, but seems to lack the social platform.