Each year, Google makes changes to its search algorithm up to 600 times. This is way too many times to keep up with new changes, and its affecting the ranking of every website on the World Wide Web. Although Google considers most of these changes minor, many website owners find it quite challenging to adapt to changes soon enough.

Every few months, major search engines roll out important algorithm updates which affect the way in which search engines rank websites. Google might consider these changes minor, but I can honestly tell you that; that is not how website owners view those changes because they affect search results significantly. And of course it will be very hard to keep up with some of those changes sometimes.

It important however, that search marketers know and understand these changes and updates. These updates will help you explain changes in website rankings as well as organic website traffic which most of these websites depend upon. And it is important to know that understanding these updates can help you with your search engine optimization.

Search engines love social media because they know that most people express their views without bias on social media networks such as Facebook, twitter, and etc. If a products or service receives a favorable rating on one of the social media networks, major search engines take note of that. Major search engines know that people interact with one another on these websites in ways never seen before. They share their passion, interest, hobbies, and etc.

It is hard to see how search engines can disagree with so many people on these social networks. Even before the recent changes took effect, websites were ranked according to the number of genuine visitors received on each day that passes by. Of course, we cannot ignore valuable products and information, but that alone is not enough.
Words of Caution

Many website owners have now turned to purchasing Facebook likes, something that no one saw coming. Although you have to do it in way that’s not obvious, it does really work if done correctly. Search engines are always crawling social media networks for many things, and not just for fun. They pay attention to every small detail on these websites because they learn a lot of things every day. And they take everything for granted.
If Facebook likes were of no use, then you must ask yourself a simple question; why do the major search engines take these likes very seriously? The answer to this question is very simple; because people like value and not garbage. If many people come out and share how they like a certain product or service, it is very hard to see how these major search engines will oppose them. That will be like a suicide mission, and who would want to do that.

You also have to understand that search engines are not stupid; therefore, you must buy your Facebook likes in a way that won’t put you at risk of being penalized by major search engines because your online business depends on them. That being said, if done correctly it will boost your profit margins in ways you never imagined, which is why even big brand names with well-established foundations are looking for Facebook likes.
If those Facebook likes were nothing or not important at all, no one would even care about them so much. Many businesses big and small, online as well as offline are all fighting for a spot on the first page of Google, because this is where most people go to look for thing to purchase on the internet. And they trust Google on top of everything else.

Written by Drew Hendricks