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The majority of Republicans, a good number of Democrats, and the majority of the people of Chicago believe that Rahm Emanuel should step down as Mayor of Chicago. Two notable absentees from this list are long-time Emanuel cohorts Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. In fact, the last word from Clinton is, “I do,” when asked nearly a month ago whether or not she stood by Emanuel.

It’s the fact that we haven’t heard anything further from Clinton on the issue that gives me the most pause. Where are the questions asking her to elaborate? Where are the condemnations of her support for a man who attempted to cover up the disturbing video of a Chicago police officer shooting Laquan McDonald 16 times, apparently without provocation, for the sake of prolonging his political career? Why aren’t Republicans calling her out on it?

If they’re waiting for the media to do it, they’re being naive. If they don’t see it as relevant, they’re being given bad advice. If they’re not willing to participate in a charged situation because they would have to side with the Black Lives Matter movement, Al Sharpton, and other liberals in order to turn it into an issue, then they’re disappointing. This is a big issue for Hillary Clinton and it needs to be exposed for what it is.

Rahm Emanuel is the tie that has bound Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton over the decades. As a top adviser for Bill, he was intimately involved with Hillary in the 90s. As a Congressman, he and Hillary worked together to formulate legislation in their respective sides of Congress. As Obama’s Chief of Staff, he worked directly with Hillary in the early days of the administration. He’s been a supporter and an adviser to both Clintons and Obama for decades. Now that he’s in hot water over an action that seems so similar to the paths that Hillary and Obama have taken over the years, shouldn’t the Republicans be screaming at the top of their lungs that Emanuel is an example of the corruption that fills the Obama administration and is representative of how a Hillary White House will operate?

Unfortunately, there are two things working in Hillary’s favor. First, the Republicans have historically been inept at tying people with their opponents. Bill Ayers and Reverend Jeremiah Wright were direct influences on Obama and should have given us insight into the President he would become, but the Republicans botched both connections and came out looking worse than Obama because they didn’t attack the situations properly. Second, an unwillingness by Republicans to call out the incident stems from a fear of attachment to the Black Lives Matter movement. They don’t want to be on any side other than the side of the police on an issue even though this is one of those rare circumstances where the officer involved is clearly in the wrong.

Letting this go would be a grave mistake. It’s more indicative of the type of decision making that Hillary Clinton demonstrates than anything, even her decision to marry Bill. That can be dismissed as an ambitious decision made by a kid. Continuing to support Emanuel over the years is a willful and ongoing choice. It also paints the Obama administration in a poor light, reminding people that Chicago cronyism is alive and well. If the goal is to compare a Clinton White House to an Obama White House (and that should definitely be a goal), then this is the prime example of failure to detect basic character flaws by both.

Rahm Emanuel is a liar. He’s corrupt. He represents the worst parts of the Democratic party. He also represents the core of ideologies shared by Obama and Clinton. For this reason alone, Republicans should be screaming for answers to very tough questions asked of Hillary Clinton.

Written by JD Rucker
JD Rucker is Editor of this site as well as The New Americana, a Conservative News Aggregator. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and co-founder of the Federalist Party. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.