First things first, when I make this claim, I’m assuming that you have your own website, and that you’re operating an “onsite” blog. All this means is that your blog is part of your website. The posts that you write are indexed as part of your website content.

Here’s how consistently publishing your blog can boost your marketing efforts:


Keep Your Readers Returning

Retail storefronts don’t just organize the layout of their store one time and leave it that way for the rest of the store’s existence. At least if they did, they wouldn’t be in business for too long. They’re constantly reorganizing and shifting, looking for ways to maintain customers’ interest in their operation.

Your blog gives readers a reason to return. When you operate a static website, there’s no incentive. When readers know to expect something new, they’ll keep coming back, and you’ll be the beneficiary.


Two Way Communications

The great thing about blogs is that they can facilitate conversations through the comment section. They allow your readers to give their input on any given subject. Businesses can invite comments by asking questions, or requesting information from their readers in the comment section below.

Personally, when I get to the bottom of a well-written post, and see that the comment section is turned off, I feel cheated. The writer did everything they could to spark my interest, and then they tell me they don’t want my input. Not valuing your readers’ input is a quick way to lose them.


Increased SEO

Like I said before, having your blog “onsite” means that every page is indexed, strengthening the position of your site in Google. The more high quality, indexed pages that a site has, the better it usually does in the search engines. A blog is the right tool to help you get there.


Communicate Your Value

In the digital marketing age, the trick is to provide your readers value. They’re not looking for a hard sale. They’re not seeking out a commercial. They have a problem. If you can help them fix that problem through the information that you provide, they’ll begin to trust you. They’ll remember you in the long run. Meet them where they’re at, and your business will be in a good spot.



Your blog serves as your website’s secret weapon. It’s what draws in new traffic, and provides the long-term value that keeps loyal readers returning. Make sure that you’re using it wisely. It should become the entry point to your website for the vast amount of your traffic. When it’s written well, it should turn your website into a resource for your customer base, increasing your value.

What steps have you taken to improve your blog? Have your blogging efforts been worth it for your business?

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Written by Matt Brennan
Matt Brennan offers corporate writing services to businesses and organizations. He’s been telling stories for more than 10 years.