When Social Goes Wrong: Customer Relations Fiascos

Our friends at GetSatisfaction put together this excellent graphic telling six tales of social media turning sour on major companies. There are lessons to be learned from each as businesses turn increasingly to social media to improve their customer relations.

The universal lesson: if you’re going to do it, think it through and consider the consequences before ending up on the wrong side of headlines and infographics.

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  1. Wow. I hate to say it, but that’s what the companies get for thinking they can just dump on the little guy. That’s social media benefiting the people at it’s best. 🙂

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  4. Taylor H.

    In this day in age, all companies should be extremely focused on consumer satisfaction. The power of social media, though growing every day, is already very substantial. The great thing about social media is that anyone can do it. So in other words, if an average customer is mistreated by a company, one tweet can make people think twice about using that company or brand. Or video in this case (United Airlines. I saw this video clip in one of my classes the other day, very impressive.

  5. It’s a whole new ball game for online marketers. You can’t just think twice now…you have to think four times and then another. It’s obviously a double-edged sword consumer feedback: positive and negative. For consumers, it is a great way of voicing both praise and frustration. I think that it has given “the little guys” a much stronger voice that are making companies give everyone a little more respect. I like the post, it was good seeing things on the flip side.

  6. Good article! The power of social media!!

  7. I like the one about Southwest Airlines. That goes to show how powerful social media can be and why companies should be serious about it. As in the case of the guy getting booted out from the plane, I think he fully utilized every resource available to send his message across.