What’s Your Blog Saying? (A Quick Trick to Find Out!)

Wikimotive.net Tag Cloud

How do you tell what your blog is about? Sure, you have ideas in your head and dreams in your heart, but it can be difficult to take a step back and look at what you REALLY are saying every day. With Facebook and Twitter Marketing, it’s easy to scroll back through your old posts and get an idea of your voice in a glance. It’s much harder with blogs, because it would take you hours to read through everything you post in a month. There is an interesting way to get a quick snapshot though.  Let us share our technique. 

We suggest making a tag cloud. It’s not scientific, but it’s a great way to see your most commonly used words, which will give you a feel for the overall message of your blog.

I created one for Wikimotive.net above. It’s pretty much exactly what you’d expect it to be. This is Wikimotive’s marketing blog, and right in the middle you have “Wikimotive” followed by “Marketing”. Just by glancing at this tag cloud, you can clearly see what my blog is about. The bigger words are the core themes of the blog, so you’ll see the major social networks, SEO and other search terms, and plenty of things related to digital marketing. What’s just as interesting is the smaller terms, the mortar holding the whole cloud together. Here we see lesser used themes, but we also see hints of the writing style. Words like “simply” and “knowledge” aren’t the main story in and of themselves, but they help you deduce the flavor of the blog.

Head to a free site like Wordle or Tagxedo and create one for your blog today. You may be surprised to see what you had to say.

Original post about Tag Cloud Blogging can be found on Wikimotive’s blog titled, “What’s Your Blog Saying? (A Quick Trick to Find Out!)


Tim Martell

Timothy Martell is a digital marketing and SEO expert regularly sought out by both media and industry leaders for his opinion on social media marketing campaigns that really work. Timothy has been seen on MSNBC and Dateline, has been interviewed twice by Facebook for his successful dealership advertising campaigns, has been a featured speaker at automotive conferences such as, DMSC, AMBC, and the Driving Sales Executive Summit and has been featured on the cover of AutoSuccess magazine. Timothy is known for pushing the boundaries of conventional automotive thinking and producing social media campaigns that generate massive numbers of followers leading to record ROI.  wikimotive.com

4 thoughts on “What’s Your Blog Saying? (A Quick Trick to Find Out!)

  1. Very interesting! We have been blogging more lately and will continue to blog even more frequently. This is a very cool way of getting a snap shot of the content! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing this Tim! A tool for those writers who are having a hard time remembering the thought of every blog they made.This one is really new to me and I’m very excited to try it soon.

  3. We are trying to find advice on how to raise the amount of remarks without any help weblog, exactly how did you achieve accomplishing this?

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