There’s a social network for everyone. Twitter, however is vying to be the network for information gathering and sharing – from breaking news, to funny pictures, and insightful content – it plasters my feed daily. But, the more you get involved with twitter and other social networks, the more challenging the become to use. You add users, followers, tweets, Facebook integration, etc. It’s madness.

So you try to find a tool to solve the problem – whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube – all of the tools have drawbacks. None are worse than trying to use to manage your own account. To me, it’s the social network that most requires a tool other than itself to manage.

Similar to it’s neighbor Facebook, twitter has many moving parts: followers, those you are following, @ mentions, lists, hashtags, search terms. Should I continue? There’s plenty to do. But you don’t see tools to help manage information overload from Facebook, do you? as a Management Tool is Horrible

When it comes to managing twitter, I find to be borderline usesless to how marketers and small businesses use Twitter. Here’s why I don’t like

  1. The User Experience Doesn’t Get Me Info Fast Enough – As an entrepreneur and small business owner, there’s not a lot of time to sift through things. I want facts and numbers fast – and to be able to quickly scan the tweets of people I’m following in a matter of seconds.
  2. You Can Only Manage One Account (Obviously) – If you’re flying solo on your twitter account, might be the right tool for you. But if you’re managing several accounts, there’s no way you would want to log in and out of different accounts. The tools below help you manage multiple accounts with ease.
  3. It’s One Giant List of Tweets – How do you follow everyone who tweets in your town, mentions you in comments, or retweets your awesome content? It’s next to impossible on It’s information overload.

For me, these three reasons were enough to search elsewhere. I knew I wasn’t the only one with these complaints. Thankfully, there are fantastic companies creating tools to get the job done – in a fraction of the time it takes on Let’s take a look at five tools I’ve found to significantly cut down the time I spend with twitter. Some of the tools are free – some manage tweets, some manage followers, and others are social media powerhouses, going far-beyond twitter.

5 Tools to Better Manage Your Twitter Account

  1. Hootsuite  – This is my twitter management tool of choice (although I’ve never tried TweetDeck). It quickly displays link analytics, twitter lists, and mentions all in one place. Plus, I can still schedule out tweets when they’re not in my buffer. Automating my social media has never been easier.
  2. Tweetdeck  – Tweetdeck was acquired by twitter for a cool $40 million. (Maybe that’s because Twitter lacked every feature Tweetdeck offered). A direct competitor of Hootsuite’s, Tweetdeck also manages your account, displays lists, mentions, direct messages, etc. While lacking in analytics and team collaboration, it makes up for in having a desktop application and a cool translator tool.
  3. FollowerwonkNew to twitter and struggling to find followers? Rather than endlessly click around twitter to find people, head to followerwonk. The free version of followerwonk allows you to search twitter bios for certain keywords so you can easily follow people and businesses in your industry. It’ll even give you stats on your current followers, too. Upgrade to paid and things become easier to use, including a direct link to follow users.
  4. Buffer App  – Buffer is like unwrapping a Christmas present and being excited about what’s inside. It’s my new go-to tool. Let me put you in a situation: You’re reading a great article on Mashable, but it’s 3 AM – no one is going to see your tweet! Add it to your Buffer, a web application that automatically schedules your tweets for later. Want to go on a twitter vacation? Just shut it off. Seriously – go get it.
  5. Twylah  – I just discovered this tool a couple days ago. It takes your tweets and categorizes them into buckets, ultimately creating a profile page for your tweets – even Britney Spears has one. I like it because it shows what topics twitter users tweet about at a glance. No more scrolling through endless lists of tweets.

There you have it – my top picks for managing your twitter account. While there are still tons out there to choose from, these stick out in my book because they’re all free (and many have paid accounts, too).If you know your company needs to be on twitter to attract new customers and interact with loyal ones, these tools should help you get the job done much quicker.

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