Google is one of the most well known companies in the world. They tend to have their hands in just about everything including social networking, mobile phones, computers, and many other secondary companies. They seem to not only keep up with the competitors, but are often ahead of the curve.

Google 2012

2012 saw a lot of developments from Google. It saw the Google Chrome web browser which became extremely popular and led a lot of people away from the Internet Explorer or Firefox options. It saw the release and a lot of updates to the Google + social networking capabilities. It continued with a lot of your favorite features like Google shopping cart, comparison shopping, and search engine.

There are tons of Google products that were either released or extremely upgraded with new features and add-ons. There was the release of the new Google Chrome laptop. It is a small light weight laptop that bridges the gap between the laptop and the tablet. There are several new Google powered phones, and Google + is now an add-on option with the Windows 8 OS.

Google was able to beat out many competitors in their 2012 year including Apple. The Google navigational system, the tablets, Smartphone, and social networks all have many benefits that the competitors just could not match. The navigational system is untouched by any other. The Google + social network has an amazing video chat that competitors such as have not been able to match. The release of the Nexus 7 and the Nexus 4 offered a couple options in the 7” tablet category that were far less expensive than the competing Apple product.

Google 2013

After a year like 2012 it will be difficult to top, but there are a lot of expectations for the 2013 releases that may just give Google what they need in order to top their 2012 year. There were some companies that Google has acquired, but they have not had enough time to really make them their own.

Below is a list of some of the most anticipated developments that are expected to come from Google in the 2013 year.

Nexus Tablets- Take Two

Nexus tablet sales have not been able to compare with the number of iPad or iPad Mini sales. It does not mean that Nexus is not a comparable product, but it does mean that the Nexus product has not been well enough developed, or offer enough business to steer some of the business away from Apple. Google is expected to step up their game in regards to the Nexus development in order to be a stronger competitor against the Apple products.

A Bigger Better Android

Android 5.0 is expected to hit in the 2013 year. There are a lot of competitors that are trying to edge out the Android OS, and if Google does not step up the game in their OS development then people will soon begin to turn away from the Android systems.

Google + Upgrade

Google + has been extremely well developed, but few people have turned to the Google + system over using other social networks such as 2013 will see the development of the add-ons and upgrades for Google+ There are already categories where Google+ outshines, but 2013 is looks to be shaping up like a much more competitive year.

Google is an amazing company and seems to be growing larger every day. There are a lot of expected developments, but only time will tell how much Google grows within the year to come.

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