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So you have a Facebook page for your business, you have a Twitter account, you’re doing all you think you need to do to have a good, strong online presence. And that’s very good, but all the tweets in the world might not amount to a hill of beans unless you remember one very important thing: the human factor.

Now I’m sure you’ve seen your average Facebook account from one of your many clients, or even looked into whatever it is your kids might be doing on Facebook too. They share videos, photos, news articles, post on each other’s walls with nonsense, keep constant updates with what is going on in their lives or what they’re eating for lunch. I suggest you do the same.

And I know that your average business wants to maintain an image of staunch professionalism, but a casual image may do wonders to garner more attention from your clientele. You know what people like to see? They like to see employees having fun around the office. Look at Google Headquarters. You see the employees going down slides, fighting with plastic swords, and generally having fun. People respond well to images like that because they feel like they can relate to the company. People like to have fun – you should show them that you and your company like to have fun too. Whether this means posting a video of your employees doing their own version of the Harlem Shake, or perhaps some random thoughts about current events, try your best to relate to your clientele and they will feel a certain fondness towards your company.

Have a new product that you’re looking to announce? Why not tease it a few days in advance to keep your followers waiting with bated breath? Or maybe around Christmas time, you post a video of your employees singing Christmas Carols. Your audience wants to see that there are human beings working behind the brand, and not faceless executives looking to make money. Social media is all about strengthening relationships online, so you must take advantage of every resource available in order to form steady friendships with your customers.

You see other companies like Cheez-It posting humorous photos on Facebook every single day receiving anywhere from 2,000 to 10,000 “likes” every time! These photos not only advertise their product, but also show that the company is capable of making you laugh.

Who would you rather hang out with: the guy showing off his new designer clothes like a putz, or the dude behind him cracking jokes at how seriously the other guy takes himself? Even a less frivolous brand like Q-Tip has taken to posting tips on how to make good use of their products every day that receives anywhere from 30-300 “likes”.

So you can see other companies making good use of social media in order to better appeal towards their clientele. People want to be able to trust their favorite brands, and trust is formed through friendship. Make your company something that your customers want to get to know. Use your best judgment, and have fun with your employees and your customers. Fun is the image you want to advertise, so make your policy a fun one.

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