What Social Media Tools Should We Review?

Viral Heat Google Plus

Every few months (it’s actually been over a year since the last one) we like to review the various social media tools out there. The rate at which social media is growing makes it extremely challenging to manage for a business without the right tools. The rate at which social media tools are progressing makes knowing which tools work best an ongoing effort. The rate at which new social media tools keep popping up…

… you get the picture.

Inspired by the announcement that Viral Heat recently made, this weekend I will be reviewing as many social media tools as possible. Some will say that a weekend isn’t long enough to do a complete analysis, but considering that I spend hours a day in multiple social media tools, I believe that I’ll be able to make certain judgments even with only a few hours on each. IF it takes longer than I thought I’ll continue the following weekend.

PLEASE leave a comment, Tweet me @0boy, or reply to my Facebook post about it. Here are the ones I know I’ll be reviewing for sure:

  • Hootsuite
  • Post Acumen
  • Vertical Response
  • Buffer
  • Sendible
  • Viral Heat
  • Cyfe
  • Vocus
  • Commun.it
  • Agora Pulse
  • GaggleAMP
  • Sprout Social
  • Social Toaster
  • Scoop.it
  • Crowdbooster
  • Lithium

What else needs to be on the list?

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  1. Hi JD,

    That’s a great initiative, though it’s going to be a lot of work šŸ™‚ I wanted to suggest you test out uberVU as well. We overlap to some extent with some of the services on your list yet we take a different approach that I think will be interesting to test out.

    Basically, we use machine learning to automate some of the more tedious work a social marketer has to do, such as finding insights in real time, optimizing content publishing and surfacing actionable events, such as complaints or influencer engagement opportunities.

    Let me know if you’re interested (dragos@ubervu.com) and I’m happy to provide you with a dashboard login.

    – Dragos Ilinca, VP Marketing, uberVU.

  2. JD Rucker

    uberVU actually was on my list – not sure why I didn’t post it. I’d love a login – emailed you my credentials.

  3. I’d add ifttt to the list as well.. (and zapier and atooma)

  4. JD: A new version of the Vocus Marketing Suite is due out late this year or early next year. Feel free to hit me up offline and I can work on getting you access. fstrong(at)vocus(dot)com – Frank

  5. JD, we’d love it if you’d include Post Planner’s Branded App in your review. You can hit me at josh [at] postplanner [dot] com and I’ll hook you up with a free “Soshable.com” branded app. šŸ™‚ Here’s our site: http://www.postplanner.com Thanks! ~Josh

  6. I made you a list.

    You can embed it here in your post then people can add to it and vote on their favorites


  7. May I be so bold as to recommend The CW Dashboard in your next round of reviews? I enjoy the features and ease of use of this dashboard.