We’re Giving You An Unfair Advantage

Unfair AdvantageWe have big news for everyone in the automotive business. Our new book “Unfair Advantage; The World’s Leading Automotive Retail Experts Reveal Their Secrets to Give You the Upper Hand to Grow Your Business and Rev Up Your Profits TODAY!” is available on Amazon.com!

With the help of our amazing team, “Unfair Advantage” has already reached #1 on Amazon.com in several different categories ranging from Automotive to Entrepreneurship. In addition to that, it’s on nine other bestseller lists, and it is still climbing!

It’s not a big surprise considering the incredible and eclectic talent that went into the making of this book. The authors are all leaders in the industry. We have Tracy Myers, Brian Pasch, George Nenni, AJ LeBlanc, Craig Lockerd, Troy Spring, Jimmy Vee, Travis Miller, Jerry Thibeau, Glen Garvin, Chuck Fisher, Jim Bernardi, Shereef Moawad, Marc McGurren, Jay Radke, Tim Byrd and myself, Timothy Martell.

“UNFAIR ADVANTAGE “ is a essentially a resource geared specifically towards Automotive Retail Experts, designed to help you learn how to increase your sales, boost your profits, and keep your potential customers from driving off into the distance.

Inside this book you’ll find over 200 pages filled with practical and proven techniques that will drive customers to your business and teach you how to optimize your Internet marketing strategies. You’ll also learn how to Unlock the Hidden Profits of Reinsurance and how to make your business every customer’s FIRST choice.

The book is available now, for the low price of $19.95. Not only that, but we’re giving out hundreds of dollars worth of bonus material to everyone who reads this and then buys the book. Simply email your Amazon.com receipt to bonus@celebritypresspublishing.com

Remember, the book is out! Just Click Here to Buy It and don’t forget to get your bonuses!

Original story about Unfair Advantage posted on Wikimotive’s blog under the title Are You Looking For an Unfair Advantage?

Tim Martell

Timothy Martell is a digital marketing and SEO expert regularly sought out by both media and industry leaders for his opinion on social media marketing campaigns that really work. Timothy has been seen on MSNBC and Dateline, has been interviewed twice by Facebook for his successful dealership advertising campaigns, has been a featured speaker at automotive conferences such as, DMSC, AMBC, and the Driving Sales Executive Summit and has been featured on the cover of AutoSuccess magazine. Timothy is known for pushing the boundaries of conventional automotive thinking and producing social media campaigns that generate massive numbers of followers leading to record ROI.  wikimotive.com

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