Web 3.0What is Web 3.0? What would you like it to be? Please express your opinions in the comments below.

Over the past several weeks, I have been privy to many projects in different stages of development. One thing that seems to hold true for many of them is that the developers’ idea of “the next big thing” is a hybrid of sorts.

Some are leaning towards social media mixed with social networking. Most of the social media sites have tried to head in this direction to some extent. All have fallen short. Most notably, the Digg changes a few months ago have turned from an attempt to socialize social media (with shouts and other features)Ā into an unfair way to game the system. The results have been disastrous.

Social networking sites have each tried to crossover to other mediums. MySpace has been attempting (in vane) to offer portal-style integration, while Facebook had Beacon for a couple of weeks before realizing that becoming an advertising medium unlike any other had strangely predictable results.

StumbleUpon has been the only site to have some measure of success in trying new things, but that is at a scale. It isn’t that they have succeeded at anything outside of their core service. They just haven’t outright failed like the rest of the sites.

Enter stage left the Web 3.0 Social Hybrid. W3SH sites are all the rage right now because so few know exactly what will work and what won’t. The first wave of social sites, even the juggernauts like the ones mentioned above, all have glaring holes in them. User dissatisfaction is rampant, larger companies are considering them for buyout but not pulling the trigger because they don’t know how to make real money with them yet, and investors are lining up to start something without knowing what that “something” will be.

Of all of the ideas that I have reviewed over the past couple of months, only one really seems to have the legs, vision, and marketability to truly set the pace in 2008 and beyond. Only one seems to be a true contender to start Web 3.0. Sadly, I’m under strict orders not to discuss it here (or anywhere). Yet. Stay tuned though. If my gut feelings are correct, this one will really take off here in a few months.

Still, that’s not the purpose of this article. The main purpose is to hear from the peeps. What would you like to see in a true Web 3.0 website? What would make the best social media, social networking, or social bookmarking site? Is there a new type of site that we haven’t really seen yet? Please post your replies below.

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Read more about Web 3.0 soon on this blog.

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  1. I wrote about some of the newer sites, in a post about personalization (like MyYahoo, iGoogle, etc), and aggregation (friendfeed, etc). I think these sites may qualify as web 3.0 as well as the whole lifestreaming craze. Friendfeed (and services like it) has very good potential, as people will get tired of following friends on a million different services. I do not think the Semantic Web is ready for prime time yet, and it will need significant hooks into the social media/networking world to really take off.

  2. We are still in beta but I do think SWIFT — an aggregator of collective intelligence and activity around conferences — fits the bill. Check out the tour: http://www.imswiftblog.com/?page_id=695#tour

  3. Grrr

    > MySpace has been attempting (in vane)

    Is this some inside joke?
    Vane !?

  4. JD Rucker

    @Rob – yes, yes, and yes. I agree, except that I Semantic Web is closer than many might think. Yahoo! is heading there now. Google will too. It’s just a matter of (short) time.

    @Kathleen – I will definitely check it out.

    @Subbitt – yes, and the funny part is, Subbitt is one of the ones I’ve been looking at heavily.

    @Grrr – I don’t think I was clear. MySpace has been extremely successful as a social network, but they aren’t the destination page that they hoped they would be by now. The goal the Rupey and his cronies wanted was to be the site that people visit for their news, shopping, etc. It still hasn’t emerged passed a place to meet up, hear music, and check out peeps. It will get there, I have no doubt, but most of its attempts to THIS end have been in vane — even they acknowledge this.

  5. Many search engines already use a form of the “semantic web” called latent semantic indexing to filter and present content to searchers. As we progress this technology will greatly improve, thus making the web truly semantic.

    I would like to see web 3.0 move to off line communications and interactions. I am currently working on an exciting project that will debut in summer that I would like to say is web 3.0.


  6. i have been thinking about this very subject for the past few months.

    1. chat will be integrated on every major porthole. for example i can see youtube integrating gchat on their site. videos that would only get 1 million views will now get 10 million views due to having IM and email contacts next to the video. i imagine sharing links will become extremely easy. i would love to go into more detail but i can’t write that well.

    2. mobile will become the key way to get your content. maybe free devices will be available and supported by ads.

    3. also think the trend of mass adding people on social sites will die out and it will be more about real connections.

    ah i will stop at that i have more to say but i hate writing and i’m not that good at ha.

    enjoyed your post. hit me up on IM sometime.

  7. John

    All the comments are very good and interesting.


    Social Bookmarking

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