We Must Pray for Discernment in South Carolina

Pray for Discernment

I have a confession. I’ve never donated money to a political campaign. Even if I love a particular candidate, I’d rather my charitable dollars go towards, well, charities. With that said, I have no problem with donating my voice and offering my prayers. With the South Carolina primary coming up, I strongly encourage both regardless of your chosen candidate. For me, my voice is going out for Ted Cruz.

My prayers, on the other hand, are going for God’s Will. While I don’t believe there’s anything wrong necessarily with praying for the success of a particular candidate, I find it difficult to ask the Lord to favor one over another because only He knows their hearts. As a conservative Christian, I can look at Ted Cruz’s history, listen to his words, and believe with my heart that he’s the best chance for America to recover from the damage that has been done for the last couple of decades and the acute damage that has been done the last seven years. I can also look at Donald Trump and hear the insincerity in his voice when he discusses himself as a great Christian. I can read about his liberal perspectives on many issues and cringe. However, I do not know either man’s heart and I definitely don’t know what God’s Will is for this country or the next leader.

All I know for sure is that I want with all my heart for God’s Will to be done in all things including the political structure of the United States.

This may sound like a weak perspective. As an ardent supporter of Cruz, one might expect that I pray for Cruz regularly, but I do not. It’s beyond our scope to pray for any political outcome in particular that goes against God’s Will and since we cannot know God’s Will, we must be careful with our prayers. There’s one thing that Christians can definitely pray for from a political perspective that doesn’t run contrary to a proper Biblical worldview. Praying for discernment for voters is something that we can and should do regularly.

Anyone who uses social media or reads comments sections on political articles has probably come to the conclusion that Trump has a lot of supporters and they seem to be pretty darn set in their ways. The attacks I see on Cruz and Marco Rubio from Trump supporters are often very insulting to anyone’s intelligence, let alone the candidates themselves. Of course, the same can be said by Trump supporters about those attacking him. The loudest in the comments sections or social media are often the most polarizing, but they don’t necessarily represent the sentiment of the general electorate. I’m mentioning this so that you don’t fall into despair. It can be depressing to see so many attacks.

Pray for voters to have discernment. This article is being written days before the South Carolina primary, but it holds true for future primaries and caucuses as well. To those who support anyone other than Trump, the odds seem stacked against us. It’s so inexplicable to see seemingly intelligent conservative Christians falling for Trump’s sales pitch that I’ve wondered if Ephesians 6:12 is in play in this very situation.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Use your voice in the world to educate voters. Use your voice online to guide them. Most importantly, use your prayers to hasten God’s Will so that voters can see the candidates for who they truly are.

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  1. s. Hancock

    I pray that with the passing of SC Justice Antonin Scalia that ALL Christians will examine and realize that we need a truly godly man, one who is not in this for himself, and one who understands what he doesn’t know, but understands where to get the answer he needs for every situation. There is only one man in the race that consistently proves that his faith is real, but more than that, it is the very core of his being. I pray that in the debates tonight, many people’s eyes will be opened to the truth, and to the shining light that Cruz is in comparison to the rest.

  2. s. Hancock

    This morning’s message was on John Ch 2, where Jesus turns the water into wine. I wanted to share a little insight into the message that I took away from it.
    When Jesus mother told him of the situation…the wine had run out, a very BAD situation fro the new groom and his bride, his mother asked him to make some wine to save the groom from shame. Jesus’ reply was “Woman, why do you involve me? My time has not yet come.” Her response was tell the attendants to do whatever he asked. An odd thing, after what Jesus just told her.

    The message from this: He was telling her now that the mother – son relationship had changed and now He would do as the Father told Him to do. She was not offended, as she understood that He was to be the redeemer, so He had a purpose on earth beyond being her son. Her response was then ‘in faith’, basically asking that He save the the groom from shame, and she was rewarded for her faith. I do pray for God’s will, but I also asked specifically if it might be His will that Cruz wins.