Facebook is the New SEO Secret

Attracting traffic through Facebook is a relatively-new but effective technique. Here are some tips and ways to attract traffic for your Facebook page through search engine optimization.

Create a Fan Page

The traffic that you finally attract is going to be through your fan page on Facebook, not through the personal account that you have on it for mixing upon with your friends. So, to get started with search engine optimization through social media, make sure you have a fan page on Facebook or Twitter. Now that you have a fan page and people start visiting it, you should work on making the page “Sticky”, as experts put it.

Make sure you have interesting content and information that the visitors value. Also, ensure that the page is fun enough for the viewers that they “like” it. This liking activity is automatically notified to other contacts of the visitors and they would be directed to your fan page too. Now, from the fan page, the interesting content and information that you upload is meant to direct them to the website that you actually wanted to promote.

Be More Visible

Visit other people’s pages, write comments, like, and respond in any possible way as long as it is polite! This way more and more people will notice your presence and the probability of having more visitors would be greatly enhanced. So, every day, make sure you respond to other people’s pages and stay visible to viewers. Also, encourage interaction by :linking” people’s posts on your page, and commenting frequently to promote and reinforce this kind of interaction.

Manage Time

You need to spend about half the time that you spend on promotion of your website to your online marketing activities through social media. Come up with interesting stuff and keep posting it to your fan page. Be careful not to upload every single joke that you come across. You have to stay focused. You can definitely find relevant stuff that your readers will find interesting and “sticky”.

The other half you should spend updating the website you have created for your online business. Updating it regularly, posting fresh content is a great search engine optimization technique and Google loves this king of strategy rather than purchasing back links or posting spam to attract people.

Get Links

Another one of the ways to get more traffic for your Facebook page through search engine optimization is getting links. These would apply to Linked In as well as Twitter, My Space, Flicker and many others. Again, be careful as to the links should not be spam. Attempting to gain attention through spam, you only invite trouble. As soon as search engines find you attracting people through spam messages or spam links, your account will be terminated. Same can happen for your website; so act smart and do not go overboard.

Social media has become a much preferred way of attracting traffic to your business websites that classical back linking strategies. To keep the business going, make sure you modify your search engine optimization techniques and start attracting people through social media. It is time to go for the natural way of search engine optimization and making more money online.

Written by Guest Post