Walk away as your driverless car parks itself and picks you up


Cars are becoming more and more independent from the driver and although we are clearly ready within technology are we truly ready as drivers to walk away when our cars are still moving? At CES this year the automotive motor company, Audi unveiled its self-piloting car, one in which you can use your smartphone to park your car without any further instructions besides a touch of an app.

The idea alone is overwhelmingly amazing; watching a car park itself and pick you up is simply mind-blowing. It is hard to believe that a car can park itself within a parking garage without anyone in the driver’s seat; kind of scary, yet exhilarating all at the same time, after all we were supposed to have flying cars by now.

To see and hear the sounds of the wheel turning itself to backup and park is like watching a deleted scene from the movie Ghost. Then to watch it come like a dog being called for supper, with a swift tap of the same app the car will come and pick you up at the same point it dropped you off, simply staggering.

Will this form of technology help us in the long haul by saving us time or will it enable us to become more reliant on technology? Time will certainly tell.

The more important question is would you want a driverless car or do you think it is too futuristic for right now?

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