Using Social Media to Build Your Future

In order to build your future you must keep up with the times and since 60% of job offers happen through networking, using Social Networks will only increase your ability to network even further.

Learn more about what you can do to build your future and why social media can help you in the below infographic.

This infographic from Generations Federal Credit Union comes to us via New Orleans Honda and explores “Building Your Future Now”. Click to enlarge.

Building Your Future Now

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  1. Amy

    Although there is some useful information here, the title of this article is misleading, since only a few of the points presented in the infographic actually relate to using social media in the job search.

  2. Linkedin is the most powerful tool that build network and genuine relationship. One of the fastest growing demographic on Linkedin is students. They are smart to know that job sites can’t give them what they want, but Linkedin is able to do so.

    Some of my friends start using Linkedin before they graduate to build networks.