Twitter’s Earthquake Video Shouldn’t Have Rubbed Me the Wrong Way, But It Did – #rant

Twitter Earthquake

It has been well-blogged already that news of the east coast earthquake traveled so fast on Twitter, people were reading about it on their computers and mobile devices before feeling it reach their location. This is an interesting fact, but nothing earth-shattering (well, literally, yes, but… oh, nevermind). It’s happened via television and telephone for years.

It’s a neat little fact. It’s also at least a little tasteless.

The video below may be done in good fun, but it also sets an important and bad precedent. People should not be encouraged to Tweet during anything like an earthquake. It may be harmless in this case, but there are other times when people instinctively reaching for their phones to discuss the amazing natural or unnatural disasters around them can be negative.

It isn’t even the safety issue. I suppose it’s just the fact that Twitter itself produced the video. Yes, they can use every bit of publicity they can get and this particular video was meant to be funny.

It wasn’t.

It was old news by the time they made it, and for a service that hangs its hat on the speed in which they bring the news, this video was released well after the “Twitter is faster than an earthquake” buzz had already died down.

Poor move, Twitter. Here’s the video, anyway. I can’t help myself, even when ranting.

* * *

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  1. Rocco I like your thinking, but …
    Isn’t the point of social media to give people access to information, opinions, gossip in a time frame that they determine? Instead of being locked into a 7pm ritual of watching the evening news, with reports often hours old, you get details in almost real time, if that’s what you want?
    Or you can choose to log in whenever you wish for the kind of update (news, data, humour) that you want.
    This only works if people share the information in real time.
    As an aside, this was actually the first time I had seen this video, and unlike you, I do find it funny.

  2. so nice article.

  3. Djornixin


    If something this simple upsets you this much, I really think you need to take a deep breath, step back and access your priorities and look at what you truly value in life. Like you, I live in social – but you need to take it easy, have a sense of humor and take everything with a grain of salt. In other words ‘chill’…you’ll enjoy life more, man.

  4. Safety first is always my personal preference, but if people are more concerned with tweeting than with finding shelter, that’s their right.