Why I’m Skipping #FollowFriday this Week

Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely appreciate every recommendation I get and I try to sincerely recommend those I believe bring value to Twitter.

With that said, #FollowFriday has become cumbersome and at times annoying.  What started off as an incredible idea has turned into a race for many.  There are those who recommend hundreds, even thousands of users every week. While I will not presume the intentions of those who do this, it can be assumed that at least some are doing it in hopes of receiving #FollowFriday recommendations back from those they recommend.

This week, I’m skipping it.

I’ll be back next week, I’m sure, but this week I will not recommend anyone. There are so many worthy of recommendations, but I would love to see it return to what it once was.

Follow Friday

When Micah Baldwin started the phenomenon, the intention was to help users spread the word about other great users.  For many, it has become a mass-list-spamming technique. Rather than recommend one or two people per tweet with reasons to follow them, it’s just a matter of fitting as many names into 140 characters with the hashtag as possible.

Friends, I would love to say “this has got to stop” but we all know it won’t.

Still, I enjoy it too much to let it go, so I will take a break this week. Throughout next week I will start watching. I follow a lot of people and I spend a lot of time reading tweets every day. Oddly, I’m not a heavy user myself in that I don’t tweet more than a few times a day, but I read constantly.

When I find people who truly seem interesting, I will make a note that includes why I think they are worth recommending. It could be 5. It could be 50. Regardless, I will make this list and next Friday I will tweet meaningful #followfridays with reasons. If I’m going to recommend them, I intend to make sure they are worthy.

Luckily, there are so many worthy people on Twitter now that it shouldn’t be hard to come up with a strong list every week.

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  1. What a coincidence. I decided last week to lay off the #followfriday craze for a few weeks to do my part to reduce the noise on Twitter streams. Today, I decided to unfollow approximately 500 people and will limit the number I follow to 500.

  2. YAY!!! @2emc incase QuickRant doesn’t work 😉 LOL!!! I am with you. #FollowFriday ?


    You recommend to your friends a follow (or FOLLOWS) but WHY??? {Y}

    We have to remove the {Y}s to get to {O}s {Y}{O}ur (your)(-: which JUST brings right back to U again 😉

    LOL!!! Sometimes ya feel like a nut ~ other times ya just want to see what Evie is up to …

  3. I think the idea of #FollowFriday is great. Some people would like more followers, which is what the process has turned into, but some tweeters are really interesting people with lives and intelligence that are worth recommending. Twitter has some great qualities, #FollowFiday being one of them. Thank @Micah. I do hear a tinge of obligation to the task in you writing; I too yearn for a break from weeding through the good, the bad, and the funny, the weary, the dreary, and the often recommending the same good ol’ bunch that I always do. Maybe once a month, after I really get the urge to say “hey I’m folloing this cool person and you should too”!

  4. When the following list is growing, I tend to stop awhile and start mixing with the new friends and see how the networking goes. I’d love to recommend everyone but it’s better to start knowing before somebody mad of me spamming them for numerous no-reasons suggestions.

    Love this week’s advice by @shellykramer to add reasons to our FF recommendations. Not just FF, perhaps it could be done whenever we feel like it. Appreciation is a good virtue, and shouldn’t be fixed just for 1 day. Supporting the new trend of recommendations+with reasons.

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  5. Stephen

    I couldn’t agree more. When it becomes a numbers game, all meaning behind the recommendation is lost. I am a small-time user with very few followers, and maybe that’s ok. Happy ‘Regular Friday’!

  6. The Follow Friday phenomenon has grown into a monster. The Twitter stream is littered with people just recommending too many people, and this creates nothing but noise.

    I’m all for the idea of FF’s with reasons. Cut it down to a few people each week and it will add value to the conversation, not take it away. I’ve avoided the FF for a month now, for this reason alone.

    I did recommend a few today, but that’s all. No more than 5 per week is my new rule.

  7. I have been doing the #1followfriday for a couple weeks and love it. You just choose the one person you recommend and write a bit about why people should follow that person. Quality over quantity. You can also search #1followfriday to get all the good, detailed recommendations you need.


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  9. This is exactly why I havent followed that phenom. Thanks for confirming in print. I’m all for quality over quantity.