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The life of a comedian is already pretty tough. If you make good jokes people will laugh, then they expect you to come up with new jokes that are even funnier. When you can no longer do that you are out of a job and a collection agency is after you demanding money. Now imagine that you have thousands of people following you on Twitter who demand these jokes at a rapid pace and often about current events. That’s a pretty daunting task, but it’s one that many comedians face.

Twitter is such a great place for comedy because it allows you to see jokes being made as you are experiencing and finding out about something. For example, during this year’s Oscars everyone was on Twitter providing their own commentary that was often hilarious. Before you try your hand at the Twitter comedy game, remember that you are limited to 140 characters. You don’t realize how little that really is until you try to tell a joke that you are proud of. This is a part of the beauty of Twitter comedy, you can’t be long-winded, you need to tell your joke and get to the punch line quickly.

The craft of Twitter Comedy is even being recognized in mainstream places. Rob Delaney was named the “Funniest Person on Twitter” during Comedy Central’s Comedy Awards. Was the right person chosen? I don’t really think I can give a definitive answer on that as comedy is such a subjective thing, but I will say I have a few comedians I follow that can make me laugh with every Tweet. I browsed through Rob Delaney’s history and some of his tweets left me sitting there feeling very apathetic.

The next time you’re on Twitter try and make a joke that is truly funny. You may find the experience sobering and rethink quitting your day job for a glorious comedy career. After all, no one wants a debt collection agency knocking on their door while they’re trying to fit a Kim Kardashian joke into 140 characters.

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