Tumblr Frustrations

Mark this down in the “ranting because something just pissed me off” category. There’s not a whole lot to say and this post will be short.

Dear Tumblr:

I know you’re growing faster than any blogging platform ever. I know that you’re working out the problems and that the tremendous service load put onto your free service is on par with the largest sites in the world. I know that you handle most situations with class and are apologetic when things go wrong.

At some point soon, the patience will run out. There are few things more frustrating than spending time writing a post, getting the images in there, formatting it properly, and pressing “Publish” only to be met with the page above. I’ve learned over the last 2 years of using your service that I never push “Publish” without copying the content down somewhere ahead of time.

When does this end? WordPress doesn’t have these problems. Blogger is impeccable. Twitter has grown past most of their issues and are vastly improved over a year ago (which was vastly improved over the year before). Tumblr, however, seems to be making very little progress. If anything (and I don’t have the statistics to prove it, but personal experience points to it), you’re going down more often lately than ever before.

Please get it together.


The Guy Who Just Tried to Post Something Long After Forgetting To Copy It First


Written by Rocco Penn
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