Tumblr Basics

Tumblr Basics

In the on again, off again love affair I have with Tumblr, one thing is clear – unless they completely take a dump, I’ll always go back.

I fall off every time I go there and one of my Tumblogs is down, an occurrence that seems to happen every 5th or 6th visit. I fall off every time I go to post something, only to find that the site went down while I was writing my post (I’ve learned to copy the post before pushing any buttons on Tumblr). I fall off every time I look at the content from popular Tumblogs and think, “I posted that 2 months ago. Why is it getting 10k reblogs now?”

Then, my marketing mind hits and I remember that Tumblr is an excellent tool for search and social marketing. In the video below, I introduce Tumblr to the automotive industry. While the industry is cutting-edge in many marketing techniques, it often falls behind when it comes to the unfamiliar. Tumblr is unfamiliar to them… now. Hopefully, they’ll watch the video and start embracing Tumblr for what it can do as an internet marketing machine.


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  1. MK300

    Right now I am taking a social media class at my college, so every week we have to go out and search about new social media tools. While we talk about Sociable.com in class, I had not really thought about articles on it until this week when I noticed this blog. I knew some things about Tumblr, but had never really gotten into it myself. After reading your article and watching that video, I feel that it is definitely something that I would like to use, in and outside of class. Your article really got my attention and opened new doors for me, so thanks!