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Tumblr SEO

Many of us who have been doing the hybrid search/social game for long enough remember what it was like to discover Tumblr. I got in pretty early and was able to get Social News as one of my Tumblogs, a pretty decent subdomain that is (unfortunately) completely underutilized and really just focuses on my Instagram pictures. That doesn’t mean that you have to sit around and let Tumblr not work well for you.

SocialMediaToday community contributor Mark Scott posted an interesting piece about using Tumblr as an SEO tool. While there are things in there that aren’t 100% correct such as the concept that all “links you add to all posts on your Tumblr blog are do-follow links” (some are nofollow), but otherwise he gives very sound advice about how to use the platform for something that it’s frankly not very good at for its own self: SEO.

Yes, it’s a great SEO tool and yes, it’s possible to optimize a Tumblog to do well in search, but it’s the benefits that it can bring to other websites where the real juice can come into play. As a supporting site, it’s great for search as long as the content is strong and you’re able to build up a decent following.

Here’s what he said on Social Media Today:

Tumblr essentially functions as a secondary blog you can use solely for the purpose of SEO. You can send optimized links back to the main website, allowing your website’s reach to expand and incoming traffic to multiply. What makes Tumblr great for SEO is the inbuilt promotion and SEO-friendly features that it comes packed with by default.

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  1. Dear JD,

    Tumblr is a great platform. I even listed it down as the top 7 influencer social media platforms for 2013.

    Honestly speaking, it has lots of ‘thing in it’ that one can make use it of it completely. I have yet to use Tumblr ALOT as I am not really a graphic person but I see lots of advantages using it. Imagine how peeps out there like me who doesn’t use it.


    Just my 2 cents.


  2. I’ve used tumblr for SEO purposes for my clients and for our new sites as well. However, Tumblr is way more than just a backlink opportunity. We are now focusing on building our own mini Tumblr community as Tumblr is definitely one of the quality traffic sources out there (Depending on your niche).