Trump supporters, stop playing the victim card and own your failure if it comes

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The standard liberal mentality is to blame others. When a liberal sees a friend or someone in their family do something bad, they blame the system, the elites, or some other esoteric classification of “anybody but us.” When a liberal sees someone they don’t know fall into the hands of crime or perversion, they blame society. When a liberal sees their candidates lose, they blame the vast right-wing conspiracy.

The victim card has not been held exclusively by liberals, but they have a much higher predisposition for playing it. At least they used to. Today, we’re seeing another example in the form of Trump supporters. These “victims” are those on social media, mainstream media, and even in the bowels of the RNC itself that have been claiming the folks in the #NeverTrump camp will be to blame if Trump loses.

No. You have the burden of proof. You have the job of selling him to voters. You are the people responsible if Trump loses. If you are on the Trump Train, stop blaming those of us on the sidelines. We’ve looked at Donald Trump. We’ve looked at Hillary Clinton. We’ve decided that neither is acceptable. The fact that they represent the two parts of a binary choice for the next President of the United States does not instantly require us to pick one or the other. It also does not mean that voting third-party (or not voting at all) is a vote for Hillary. That’s a ludicrous and illogical claim. Is a vote for Gary Johnson a vote for Hillary? Is a vote for Jill Stein a vote for Trump? No.

If you’re bound and determined to make the case for Trump, make your case. How will he make America great again and why should we believe that this time he’s not lying? Making threats only proves the point that Trump is such a weak candidate that his supporters have no redeeming value with which to grab hold. Argue his qualities. Don’t try to manufacture failures in our principles simply because you don’t share them.

The fatal blow will likely come to all of our freedoms regardless of which candidate loses this election less than the other. Don’t dishonor us simply because we’re not willing to strike a self-inflicted wound. Either show us how Trump has earned our vote or leave us alone about it. Either way, stop trying to blame us for your failure to make a valid case other than, “but Hillary.”

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  1. Daniel

    You get paid for this dribble?

  2. Steve

    “We’ve looked at Donald Trump. We’ve looked at Hillary Clinton. We’ve decided that neither is acceptable.”
    Uh, isn’t that what the primaries were all about Mr. Rucker, to “sell” each candidate to the voters? What happened? Trump managed to sell his message just a little better than the 16 other Republican candidates is what. Perhaps the #Never Trumpers should have been a little more diligent in selling their candidate instead of playing the victim now.
    It’s Hillary or Trump … make a choice or surely the choice will be made for you.

  3. Kauf Buch

    TO JDRucker (and #NeverTrumpers):

    All of YOU need to accept YOUR responsibility for your sabotage, venom-spewing, TOKYO ROSEing which aids and abets the election of Hillary Clinton. Your level of denial approaches – if not surpasses – the insanity of Leftists.

    Principles? Freedom? JUST WHAT PRINCIPLES do you think you will be allowed to stand on after 4-8 years of a Hillary Administration?!? JUST WHAT FREEDOMS do you think you will be allowed to exercise after 4-8 years of a Hillary Administration?!?

    Your sanctimony DISGUSTS me.

  4. bitter fruit


    Why would I want to vote for someone who wants single-payer healthcare and nationalizing banks?!

    Further, he said early on that he didn’t WANT OR NEED conservative voters, so I’m happy to oblige.

    The GOPe was too bullheaded to close their primaries, so they’re reaping the whirlwind of 12 million democrap voters.

    I’ll vote my conscience and write in Reagan as he was the absolute best choice I’ve ever had in my voting lifetime.

  5. Steve

    I’m going to get you a little more traffic here J.D. I’m thinking of highlighting your post over at the ol’ blog and see what some of my readers have to say about it. Yeah, they really are conservatives with common sense so please be polite if they visit and comment here.

  6. Deserttrek

    the goal is to keep hillary out of the white house. I doubt the integrity of the electoral system and that is based on history in recent elections, more votes than people eligible to register, 100% for a candidate, found votes, etc. the never trumpers can run but they will have had a hand in this also. I don’t know you so hard to blame you for anything and I will also not know how you voted. I am sure Trump will be better than any of the establishment rats who have sold the Republic down the river more than once.

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  8. Dave G.

    Regardless of the results of any primaries, the attitude that the vote of an individual is some how owned by a collective, “The Party”, is collectivist concept that`s very telling in itself. I will vote for whom I damned well please, if someone doesn`t like it, pound sand.

  9. jim jason

    Don’t say that, but what to say when you support neither