Trump Lies About Cruz. It Gets Debunked. He Deletes Tweet. Then, He Continues Spreading the Lie.

Donald Trump Lies About Ted Cruz

The world of politics is one big dirty game when things are normal. When a man like Donald Trump is inserted into the equation, it turns into a combination of mud wrestling and a bloodbath. There are always casualties when Trump gets involved in anything. In his run for President, the casualties are truth, decency, and American values.

It’s ironic that Trump’s latest whopper was about another candidate’s honesty. He told crowds in South Carolina that Senator Tom Coburn called Ted Cruz dishonest. He Tweeted it as well. He and his team spent most of the day spreading the idea that one of the most respected members of the Senate condemned Cruz’s honesty, a narrative that he’s been trying hard to build up since his embarrassing loss in Iowa.

There’s a problem. Senator Coburn never said it. In fact, the quote that Trump repeated multiple times actually came from liberal blogger Allen Clifton on a site called “Forward Progressives.”

One might think that the Presidential thing to do would be to issue a correction against the false allegations. An apology should be in order, but nobody has any illusion that Donald Trump would ever apologize to anyone for harm that he does to them. It’s just not his way. Instead of correcting, he pushed the narrative further. He doubled down. The “Cruz is a liar” narrative is his bread and butter. He won’t waste an opportunity over something pesky such as the truth.

Trump is doing everything he can to promote this narrative. There are two unfortunate things about all of this. First, there are multiple occasions just in the last couple of weeks that he’s spread lies about lies. Second, his supporters eat it up because they refuse to actually look into anything beyond what their Pied Piper spews. Let’s take a look at some (though not all since we don’t have enough space) of the other debunked lies of Donald Trump:

  • “Cruz stole votes from Ben Carson in Iowa.” – This has been debunked, though nobody will report it as such. The reason is because every news outlet searched for examples of people who changed their vote based upon the Cruz team reporting the news from CNN that Carson was leaving the campaign trail… which he was. However, nobody was found. If you were voting and you were misled to change your vote, do you think that you would be silent about it? Even if you aren’t the type of person who would allow the press to find you, can you imagine that over 6,000 voters would all remain silent? The CNN report sent through the app did not change the results of the election, but that’s still part of the narrative pushed by Trump and his supporters.
  • “Cruz lies about Trump promoting socialized medicine.” – This is arguably the most egregious dishonest statement by Trump. He absolutely said that he wants socialized medicine. In September, he went on 60 Minutes and declared his healthcare policy. Today, he pretends like he never said it. Again, his supporters eat it up.
  • “Cruz is for amnesty.” – If the previous statement is the most egregious, this is the most ludicrous. I’m not going to even address this directly. It you’re reading this and you believe that Ted Cruz has, at any time in his career, supported amnesty, you need to do your research or you’re a Trump supporter who is already lost in his sales pitch.

If Trump says it, his supporters believe it. When he’s proven to be a liar, he doubles down on the lies so his supporters won’t attempt to learn the truth. It’s a vicious cycle that’s working wonders. Republicans must unite around Cruz before Trump’s lies become the representation of the GOP as our nominee.

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  1. Lisa Chantel Hill Wade

    JD Rucker, you are full of it. Trump has said over and over he is not for socialized medicine. What he has said is he wants to erase the lines that keep competition between insurance companies low within the states. He wants to use the free market to allow citizens to get the best care at the best prices. However, there are some who cannot afford health insurance and he will not allow them to die on the streets trying to get healthcare. He said if you have no problem with people going without healthcare you are heartless. Yes, he did say it would be paid for by the government, like our medicaid does now. He even admitted that 15 years ago he believed socialized medicine, like that in Canada and the UK would have worked but it would not work in today’s economic climate.

  2. JD Rucker

    You are one of the most properly informed Trump supporters I’ve ever seen comment here or on Facebook. Unfortunately, even based upon the way you described it, the only thing keeping it from being defined as socialized medicine is that he says, “It’s not socialized medicine.” His plan IS socialized medicine. By declaring that the government is going to make sure that everyone is covered, that’s precisely what his plan is.

    Is it Obamacare? No, and based upon the way he describes it in the short time he did with limited details it’s very possible that his plan would work. However, the lie is in the label. I would have no problem with him saying that his plan is to create a compassionate but fiscally responsible variation of socialized medicine that encourages competition and allows for a reduction of costs to individuals, companies supplying for employees, and the government’s part. That would be appropriate and truthful and depending on the details, I could actually see myself supporting it! My qualm is that he’s lying about it not being precisely what it is: socialized medicine.

    If he’s going to propose it, then own it without the subterfuge that could turn off some voters. He should stand by his stance and then convince Republican voters that not everything with the “socialized” label is absolutely bad. A rose by any other name…

    Thank you for your thoughtful response. After debating dozens of policy-free Trump supporters today, your intelligent comment was a breath of fresh air and demonstrates that not all of his supporters are foolish.

  3. R. DeVito

    Get back to me when Teddy starts using his real name. Is he ashamed of “Rafael Eduardo Cruz”? Or, does it just sound a little too ethnic for fly over country?

  4. Carol Jamieson

    Where is this Coburn denying that he said it? I believe Trump. Cruz is a pathological liar and a narcissistic self aggrandized hipocrit.

  5. JD Rucker

    It’s called narcissistic projection. You’re taking your candidate’s faults and projecting them on Cruz.

  6. Richard A Schembri

    TRUMP for POTUS 2016

  7. kathy

    Donald Trump is a sorry excuse for a man. He must have the last word no matter how silly the point. He is a liar, a cheat, a conman, who is unexperienced, uninformed, unqualified, unprepared, and unfit to servie in public
    office. #dumptrump! we need a new candidate, please Gov Kasich run as an independent in 2016. Clinton will in in a landslide, but AMERICA IS GREAT and we have weathered Clinton storms before. #KasichCan clean up after her in 2020.

  8. zelda elsner

    and this is gong to be our next president? dont hold your breathe. trump doesnt really want the job. why should he ? he is going to give it to clinton cause they are best friends and that is why he is staying nasty trump. I hope everone is happy for the end results

  9. Wm Prehn

    I find it incredible that any intelligent, sane, adult would swallow the lies that come out of
    “EITHER side” of Trump’s mouth!
    PLEASE ! Pick up the current “Newsweek Magazine”.
    Read the article, AND THINK!
    Open your eyes! ….. Read the article and do your research.
    Do you really want this “loud mouthed bigot” in the White House?
    I cringe at even the thought of it! It chills my spine!
    Please Lord, help the United States, if he ever does get voted in!