We all know it’s nearly impossible to avoid the cosmic powers that social media holds and even though that may be the case, many industries just don’t mesh well with the world of social media. One cooperate field, however, that has found the marketing and advertising transition into social media to be quite simple, is the fashion industry.

Networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr have all transformed the way we engage with each other as well as our favorite brands. From skincare brands to big brands like Victoria’s Secret, the fashion world can’t get enough of sharing the latest styles and trends using social media as their portal, connecting their world with ours.

Whatever type of fashion trend you follow, it is meant to be shared because it’s what people see when they get their first impression of you (or in this case, your brand). Do it the right way, you’ll have much success. But, use social media incorrectly and you’ll never live it down!

There have only been three major fashion brands to pass the 5 million “likes” mark on Facebook (according to WWD). These names are Burberry with 9 million likes, Dior with 5.4 million and Gucci with 5.5 million. Crazy right? Now, of course that doesn’t shut out all other top name brands that are racking in social media fans by the second with the networking and advertising they’re producing.

With so many ways to spread your brand – including Twitter which can be used by trend setters to converge or using blogger outreach as a means for collaborations and launching ad campaigns – social media as a whole has become a force to be reckoned with.

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