Computer forensics is a fast growing, exciting field. This branch of digital forensic science pertains to legal evidence found in computers and digital storage media. The goal of computer forensics is to identify, preserve, recover, analyze, and present facts about examined digital media.

As more and more people use computers and own personal computers, and more people commit crimes with the help of computers, this branch of forensics becomes exceedingly important.


California is one of the top states for computer forensics. Boasting highly-ranked computer forensics and electronic discovery companies, as well as great schools, computer forensics in California is thriving.

Home to the largest population of computer forensic technicians, there are many firms and experts working in the field in this sunny state. In addition to those working in the private sector, there are also many computer forensic experts working in law enforcement in California.


Vermont makes the list as it is home to Champlain College. This small, liberal arts institution was founded in 1878, and offers a Bachelor of Science in Computer and Digital Forensics, as well as a Master of Science in Digital Investigation Management. Both programs are highly ranked, and offer students real-world experience, and intensive training techniques.

Not only educating students, Champlain’s Patrick Leahy Center for Digital Investigation provides computer forensics and digital investigation operational training, support and research, as well as other technical services that assist law enforcement in Vermont, and throughout the nation.

3. District of Columbia

While not necessarily a state, the District of Columbia ranks as the average highest paying area for the field. With forensic computer analysts averaging $64,000 to $112,000 annually in a recent survey, the District of Columbia offers the best pay in the U.S. today.

The District of Columbia has a high number of crimes needing computer forensics experts, and pays well for their expertise.


Also boasting high pay, Illinois is another great state for the field. Although many companies are based out of Chicago in the state, Illinois is a state that has many firms and individual experts working throughout the state to provide the best electronic discovery, litigation support services, and computer forensics to anyone needing help.

Not only are there many companies in Illinois working on computer forensics, but also firms and experts tend to specialize. With specialized help, law enforcement and individuals needing services are sure to get the exact support they need.

5. New York

New York, and specifically New York City, offers a huge number of experts and firms for both individual and law enforcement needs. With more firms catering to private investigation and divorce proceedings, New York offers many individuals the evidence they need to lock down cases.

New York has a few great programs and colleges offering students first hand experience in the field, and highly specialized training by experts as well.

In the United States, the field of computer forensics is thriving. While the above are some of the top states for the field, anywhere in the U.S.A. is bound to have great experts and firms willing to help solve any case.


Written by Drew Hendricks