Top 5 Viral YouTube Videos from 1911

Flugelhorn Feline

You so clever, Google.

Every year, Google puts out a strong showing for April Fool’s Day. This year, one of their YouTube April Fool’s Day jokes is actually pretty darn well put together, even from a pseudo-artistic perspective.

Watch the video first, then look below to see the modern-day references to 4 of the 5 video memes. I’m still not sure what “Swing Flummox” refers to but I’m sure someone will let me know in the comments:

#5 – “The Irksome Citrus” – “The Annoying Orange

#4 – “Buggy Intruder” = “Bed Intruder Song

#3 – “Swing Flummox”= JD is flummoxed

#2 – “Horse & Buggy Crash” (aka “Ruth Roll’d) = Rickroll (which I cannot link to as it would break the site and a vow we made long ago)

#1 – “Flugelhorn Feline” = “Keyboard Cat

Well played, YouTube and Google.

Be sure to check out Urgo’s site for an ongoing compiled list of April Fool’s Day activity.

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  1. Anu

    And this time it is 🙂

  2. Melissa

    I believe that ‘Swing Flummox’ is referring to some of the epic fails on

  3. JD Rucker

    Thanks Melissa! You are correct.

  4. Angela

    I think this was a great April Fool’s joke considering one of my friends asked was Youtube created in 1911? Ha ha ha, common sense seems to be lost on this day.

  5. Hello angela..
    I am also agree with you.I think its a jok.hahhahahahhahhahaha.Its common sense.

  6. Jerry Katz

    Wow! Youtube in 1911, my great grandparents would surely like that lol!

  7. Joshua Blount

    This was very clever. I love the video quality. It can almost pass for being 1911. The internet was invented until the 1980s, however Youtube was around in 1911. EPIC!