You may be the biggest iPhone and Apple fan in the world. You may be one of the first ones in line when the most  minor Apple product comes out. You cried when Steve Jobs died. The Apple store in your local area is your second home.

If this describes you, you know that iPhone has millions of great apps for everything from GPS navigation to your source for Angry Birds. Since you’re all about everything iPhone and you work at a call center, know that you can become a great asset to your employer by knowing all about the tricks that your favorite Apple product has created to make your job harder.

This article will tell you the 5 most popular reverse phone lookup programs on iPhone. By knowing the ins and outs of these programs, the call center agent coaching software that your employer uses can do the job it’s supposed to do. Not that you need coaching!

1)    Phone Lookup

With Phone Lookup, you can find someone’s name, address, cell phone or landline number. You can also find unlisted numbers for a very modest fee. Like many iPhone apps, you can purchase Phone Lookup for ninety nine cents.

2)    Who Called Me

The iPhone app with the great name will look up names, addresses and cell phone numbers in various phone databases and wikis. What makes this app different from all of the rest is that they look for information from many different sources as opposed to just one. It’ll come in handy when the people you call are trying to (unsuccessfully) find out who called me?

3)    True Caller

The wonderful thing about this app is that it allows you to update your phonebook with the address and phone number of anyone that contacts you. True Caller has access to 100 million phone numbers in 189 countries. As a call center agent, you’ll have to watch out for their Call Filter and Number Search features.

4)    Who That?

The app with the hilarious name can get a user access to over 450 million numbers and names. You can even get the name of family members who live with your desired contact. Users can do a search for .99. You won’t get charged if your search doesn’t return any results. Users will also be able to do a free area code search.

5)    Mr. Number

This ninety nine cents app for iPhone will give a user twenty free lookups. The next twenty will cost them only ninety nine cents. Mr. Number will give a user access to all numbers in the United States, including ninety percent of landlines and 50% of cell phones.

Now that you know how these reverse phone lookup programs work, use to make your job easier.


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  1. Thank you for mentioning Truecaller! However, I must inform you that with Truecaller you have access to over 500 billion numbers (and counting!), not 100 million.

    If you want more information about Truecaller, please contact me or visit It is downloadable for most smart phone platforms!

  2. your screen shots are for phoneinvestigator but it’s not listed here? why?

  3. EpicScams

    I’am from germany and use the app from
    One of the best in germany with a big database…

  4. thank you for the information above. This is a big help for us.

  5. I suggest you guys to check, this will surely help you finding prank callers and other problems regarding with this

  6. Thanks for this information,, its very useful.

  7. Thank you for having the time to list these programs! Are these also available when iPhone will have its update, iOS 7? Thanks

  8. dissapointed

    so much for the true call 500 billion
    1st number i tried didn’t work.

  9. dissapointed

    and further more when you go to Truecaller web site they try to suck all your data from your computer

  10. Mark

    it is only bullshit. only takes your data but it doesn’t work, it only provides the country of the number you have