Here’re the top 5 free music apps for the iPhone this November! They’re really fun, and give you awesome music while you’re out and about.

However, just keep in mind that live music is always way better. Jollys Piano Bar, your local neighborhood pub, and clubs near you also have great music. These apps are cool, but hearing the musicians live is a blast!

1. Pandora Radio

The website Pandora is famous for its ability to play song for you based on the song(s) you initially give it. It’s a super convenient way to find more songs you like, based on songs you already like.

Pandora radio is simply a mobile version of this for your iPhone. It also has ads about every 10 minutes, which is how Pandora supports itself, but it’s great at giving you songs you’ll probably enjoy.

There are also different stations you can set your phone to. For example, you can set your Pandora app to play Movie Themes (dramatic movie soundtracks from Lord of the Rings and other action movies), or holiday related themes.

2. Spotify

Spotify allows you to search a vast library of music online or on your iPhone, and play any song you find there immediately. There’s also no download time, since it plays right off the internet (like YouTube) you don’t have a tedious wait for the song to download.

Another really cool aspect of Spotify is that it’s integrated with Facebook. This way you can see what your friends are listening to and easily share songs over social media.

3. iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio is another free radio app. It has lots of custom stations that you can tune into, so you can listen to whatever genre you like. They have seasonal lists as well, like Christmas and Hanukkah lists in November and December.

4. Shazam

Shazam is an awesome little app that’s very handy. If you’re out and about and you hear a song playing that you like, just whip out Shazam and open the app. Within seconds it will identify the song, give you more information about it, and a chance to buy it.

This is really handy if you hang out in coffee shops, of you’ve got a tune stuck in your head that you want identified. Shazam works great for both situations.

It also displays the lyrics to songs it hears in real time. So if you’re listening to a song but can’t quite hear the lyrics, just open up Shazam and it’ll display the lyrics; very handy.

5. TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio is another app that has online radio stations, local radio, and tons of music to listen too. This is useful if you just want some tunes to listen to, or a cool radio station.

Written by Drew Hendricks