With the cost of health insurance increasing and many people going without insurance at all, medical apps can be a lot of help. Although they do not take the place of visiting a health care professional, they can give you confidence in dealing with a sick baby or finding healthy ideas for weight loss.

Knowing which app to download can be tricky, but these five apps are sure to help most people.


The Medscape mobile app is a great app for users who are constantly on the go. Users can use the app to locate the nearest health professional. They can also use the app to check the latest developments in medicine and research different drugs. This is a great app for anyone in medical sales or business professionals who travel a lot.

Video Waiting Room

It is not always feasible for people to get to the doctor when sick, especially when there are little ones involved. With so many sick people in the waiting rooms waiting to be seen, children can pick up even more germs before they have a chance to see the doctor.

Making the trip to see a doctor can be hard on parents, children, and those who live so far from a doctor’s office. The app makes it possible for doctors to see their patients without bringing them into the office. For many, the convenience alone is well worth paying the fee associated with not having to leave the comfort of one’s home.


It is not always easy to know when the symptoms are bad enough to head to the doctor. The iTriage mobile app makes it easy for users to figure out what they may be experiencing. By looking up the symptoms on the app, users can narrow down what may be going on. They can also use the physician finder tool to locate the closest doctor. This is great to have on hand while traveling.

Life Mobile Gateway

Paired with the Ideal Life Gluco-Manager, the Life Mobile Gateway app allows users to track the blood sugar. Based on the numbers the user receives, the numbers will prompt the app to inform the user on what they should be doing.

For example, if the blood sugar is running high, a video may be shown on how to get the number lower. This is a great app for those suffering from diabetes and continuously has a need to track their blood sugar. Having the latest numbers on the phone gives the physician instant access while treating the patient.


The mobile app ZocDoc is great for busy moms or anyone on the go. Users can book appointments through the app making it easier to get into the doctor’s office.

Additionally, insurance information can be put in before ever reaching the office to save time. It may not always be feasible for a mom to fill out insurance forms with sick kids in their lap. This is a great app to have for people knew to an area. Taking a lifesaver education NRP class is a good example of something you can do to protect yourself in all medical situations. You can even register online.

Written by Drew Hendricks