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From the looks of it, Facebook is gearing up its Open Graph platform to be its very own app store, one that could possibly one day compete with the likes of iTunes and the Android Marketplace. The social networking company has been working diligently on the platform over the last year, and recently introduced more than 60 new applications for users to play with.

Here are five that should be of interest to small businesses:


Pinterest is not only one of the latest apps to leverage Facebook’s Open Graph, it is also one of the hottest platforms in the social networking space. Designed as a virtual pinboard, Pinterest allows users to pin interesting content they find on the web to their own personal board, and then share it with the world. Through integration with Facebook, it enables them to stream activity directly to their timeline.


Digg is another popular name that has been added to the list of Facebook Open Graph apps. If you don’t know by now, Digg is one of the most widely used sites in the social bookmarking space, offering small businesses advantages such as increased exposure and traffic. Since launching its Social Reader app on Open Graph, Digg’s page views have increased by roughly 35%.


BranchOut is a Facebook Open Graph app made with professionals in mind. This application has proven to be extremely useful at helping business users identify connections, and not only post jobs to the BranchOut network, but the entire Facebook network.. The usefulness of this app has been by recognized by FastCompany, Forbes, and TechCrunch, all of whom have given it great reviews.


BuzzFeed is another interesting Open Graph app small businesses should consider checking out. Perhaps the best way to use this application is as an inspiration for content. You need interesting information to share, and BuzzFeed provides convenient access to content from around the web.
By regularly visiting the site, or subscribing to its RSS feed or email notifications, you can stay on top of all the trendy news in your niche and make sure you never run of content ideas.


Last but least on our list is Appsfire. This one deserves a spin or two because it was made to help you easily find useful apps. Appsfire makes the discovery process a synch and serves up plenty of free and paid options for your browsing pleasure. One of the coolest features this program has to offer is a built-in ranking system that shows you which apps are currently trending on Facebook. Neat, huh?


These are just five of the many new apps recently launched on the Facebook Open Graph platform. Several more could be introduced in the very near future. It has been said that the Open Graph is the key to Facebook’s continued growth, and if that’s the case, its evolution will be vital for the numerous smart businesses that depend on the site.

Written by Guest Post